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Communication is a key thing for every relationship, intact it is also one key factor that gives an opinion about you. ‘She is a sweet person, she is arrogant, he is intelligent, he is such a flirt’ – all these titles you get are based on how to communicate. While I am not here to write about exactly ‘communication’, the mode of communication plays an important role in self and even in society.

  1. Right from those days where pigeons are used for communication between two kingdoms, several pigeons’ not delivering the message might have been the reason for serious wars, for weddings and functions not happening. Isn’t that funny ?Now, the trend is too much developed. You think about a person, the next second you can communicate with him / her – both official(email) and personal(gmail, fb, whatsapp and all) How our own personality differs when we use each mode of communication is the funniest part here.
  2. 840fb74bb4d70b0dd7f9d76c1e48d62f.jpgFriends, mostly girls have the habit of adding while they text in whatsapp. Let it be birthdays / greeting / congratulating – the girlie girlie person is all into the text. The same person might not even have the habit of shaking hands with you on your birthday.
  3. On office examples, I have seen introverts, very silent, not so mingling , not so talkative – but they will be totally different person while they make presentations to clients. I used to wonder the number of words they spoke during the presentation that day will be greater than the total number of words they have spoken to the team during lunch for a month.
  4. Media examples – South Indian actor Vijay is such a mass hero for his famous dialogues, excellent dance and mesmerising acting on screen. The last thing he would prefer is to give a speech in any public functions.

Just imagine – if there was no whatsapp, the girlie personality wouldn’t have come out. If there was no client presentation, this introvert wouldn’t have spoken so much in his life, if he was not into acting, actor Vijay would not have exposed his dialogue delivery talent.
mode-of-communicationDont you agree that just like how ‘meeting the right person’ is important in your life, ‘communicating in the right mode’ is also important ?

  1. I can fight with 100 messages and bombard his phone with angry smileys when we have a conflict. And as I notice that he has not read / not responded for those messages, my temper keeps increasing, that minute, I will be the most angry person on Earth. With such raised eyebrows and tensed face , I will be starring at the phone. The door opens and he stands there smiling, returning early from office – the idiotic me cannot withhold my anger and I smile. 🙂
  2. When we work via different locations and collaborate, not knowing a person, we get an opinion about them only via their mode they communicate. How many times, one meeting with the person has sorted things out ?
  3. My maid doesn’t speak any of the languages I know and vice versa. That brings the best sync between us. She does just what is needed and no conversation / gossip troubles. Sometimes, choosing silence as the mode of communication also helps.

Have you ever wondered how you would have communicated to this world as a baby, child , kid ? At what point in your life , you have struggled to communicate / been scolded for communicating too much ? And how you streamlined yourself as this person of yours ? Isn’t it interesting ? Given a chance, when and where would you have altered your mode of communication to make you a better person ? Give a thought.
best-love-status-for-gfAnd don’t you agree with me that even in this digital world, world’s best communication happens and you bring yourself out when you actually meet the life of the person , instead of communicating with him / her just as a contact person on your smart phone? However, you cannot ignore the fact that there is always a hidden side of you, which would have never emerged, until you used the new, newer technologies – the digital mode of communication – the presentations, the emoticons and the smileys.
Hope you had a simple read which ended up with a small smile on your face 🙂 Happy communicating ! Happy “Right” mode of communicating !

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  1. Nice observations. I can connect with the Point 3 you have mentioned about Introvert.
    One key thing that I have learned from communication in personal relationship is you should always keep a communication line open ( digital or otherwise) .

    • Thank u Deb 🙂 yes keeping a line open shows u respect the other individual ..

  2. It’s difficult to find educated people about this subject, however, you seem like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

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