Mom to be and Dad to be

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Having a baby! The emotions of a man and woman are mostly different when we see the two stripes on the test. A dad feels happy definitely, then he starts getting a more responsible feeling, he has to plan financially, he has to cut down on some fun trips and choose the best doctor for the mom and baby. He thinks about getting all nutritious info for the mom to be. He feels his shoulders are more broad, mustache more thick and little more seriousness on his face, enjoying responsible fatherhood. On the other hand, the lady’s reaction, oh yes she is the “mom to be” there is a 2 mm egg like living creature inside her tummy, she can’t feel yet, but yes, the 2 mm will grow to a 3 kg human baby for the next 10 months inside her and she has to introduce this world to the little baby. She is getting ready for the emotional, physical and medical journey. She is least bothered about her friend’s time / big trips / no shopping days. All her mind loves to think is “Is my baby doing fine? “ , “Am I eating right food?” “Will my head ache affect baby” “Should I listen to devotional songs or pregnancy music” “When will I hold my baby on my arms and see your smile” So, yes “Dads are from Mars and Moms are from Venus even in parenting, but both combo is required in the right proportion to beautifully bring the baby to Mother Earth” The mom to be starts having her special secret life with the baby, first trimester dreaming about how ears, skin, brain, fingers are growing. Second trimester about what baby is hearing, talking times, music times. Third trimester about receiving regular kicks, playing kick and touch peek a boo with the baby, waiting for the D day times. Yes, I am currently experiencing all these wonderful moments for the second time in life    There is a very true deep secret with every woman who goes through pregnancy stage each time. From a girl / lady who is adamant, focused, stubborn on achieving what she wants, kiddish cute angers, she gets transferred into a matured mother, who is no more adamant (except for her baby’s health and habits), who is focused but prioritizes the little life that is from her, who is not stubborn but happily starts accepting life as what else can bring more happiness than the innocent kiss of her baby. The statement “With every child, a mother is born” not only applies on physical birth pain, but also emotional transformation. My child made me transform from my girl stage to mother stage of life! Hope you will also experience this beautiful growth in your life cycle. Cheers  !

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