My extra hour in a day – Only for myself

Is this time management blog ? Hmm.. Well .. Maybe ! But it’s definitely “mind management” blog . Only at cooking or cleaning or office work, we need to learn time management. Certain stuffs like maintaining home, pursuing passion – all we need is mind management! And certain will power. Our human mind is designed to do things that our heart wants, there is an emotional connect to the science of our body. That is why we have people who cannot forget their past love, spoiling health. We have people who are extroverts, introverts with particular behaviours. Now, let us close this biology and get into the blog of how do we plan our time each day. By “we”, I refer to normal people, mostly women, both working / non working moms.
Couple of quotations before we start

  1. Life is all about priority
  2. There is no particular time that “will be” perfect for you to pursue your passion.

Your passion can never be your top priority but all that is needed it should be in the list. You know why ? To remind of you of “Who you actually are”. You might be in different roles in your life – A fun filled bachelor, a caring spouse, a responsible home maker, a mother , a son taking care of elderly parents, a manager, a salesman, a business man working hard to stabilise your business, a parent of physically challenged kid – whatever you are , it is just the role and remember it is a temporary , rather just a phase in your life. Your passion is important because that will have a connect to “WHO YOU ACTUALLY ARE”. Example – If you are an extrovert & media person, you might be passionate about writing, talking, blogging,dancing,anchoring etc. If you are an introvert,art loving person, you might be interested in drawing, painting, singing,craft works etc. You might even have passion like coin collection, gardening, reading, listening to music etc. But the fact is, this passion is closely connected to your personality, to the inner “YOU”. Hence , staying away from your passion is like staying away from your own self. And one day, when you feel that you have missed yourself, you might not like the things happening around. That leads to frustration, disappointment, stress leading to health and family issues. So the simplest thing we can do to “NOT” let this happen is make time for “DOABLE” passion of ours.

Explore , Experiment and Experience – this is the Key mantra to acquire this extra time. I never knew that I would get an interest to blog much, until I lost all my energy during my pregnancy, unable to talk and socialise at parties. Thats when I wanted a way to express my feelings and opinions. And now here you are , reading my blog page. People ask me, when do you get time, especially with two kids at home. I don’t get that luxury time in a garden evening with my cup of coffee, writing my blogs or doing my art work. Amongst the kitchen, toys-filled floor,nappy changing and homework schedules, I leave it to my mind to think of what I want to write or create that day. This happens when I am brushing or when I am making tea for the family or folding the blankets basically during  junk times, definitely not during kids time or even when you chat with ur mom on phone… Special times got to be special right…Now … Once the content or idea is ready in your mind, you will just need little time to execute. Maybe once my baby sleeps or goes for a walk with her dad, I grab that time and fulfil my passion. If I do not get the time, sometimes crazily I have woken up in the middle of nights to get it done. All you need is “Determination” and “passion”on the activity you want to do and loads of love on yourself. This is a way of pampering you.

However, it is normal for the human mind to get greedy once you learn the technique. We are grown up in a pattern to achieve more and move towards next step in everything we do. Since, the passion is about pampering yourself, make sure you do not stress yourself on this. That is a very reason why I did not want to synchronise my passion with my career. Once money-making pressure is connected to the passion, the pleasure and freedom might be disturbed. Also, as I have mentioned earlier, “DOABLE” passion is very important. I desperately want to start my dance class, coaching little ones. I very much want to volunteer and participate in social service activities. But, it requires a bit of maturity and a little non-greedy heart to accept the situation or commitments we are into and then plan the passion accordingly.
Life has its own pattern and priorities. So, never get into a conclusion that you “CANNOT” do what you want to do. Rather, think what can be done at that point of time. Remember the mantra – Explore, Experiment and Experience. 
You will also be able to get that one extra hour in your life just to pamper yourself. All the best, Cheers !

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