narmyinparis meeting the cold hearted

He was a fantasy since childhood. Movies portraying his heroic acts yet tender hugs melted my heart as a young girl. However, I always had the dilemma if he wont be my kind of one, Cold-hearted teasers always annoyed me. Finally in the journey of life, moving to Paris, I thought why not meet him? Everything has a first time right ? why not give a try? And so decided to either hug him tight or get into a fist fight. It was a bus journey and i could see him from far. Little shades of him, the salt and pepper look on mountain shoulders thrilled me within.

As the bus was closer to the destination, suddenly besides the window I saw a glimpse of him, he had such a soapy bubble face. He was not there but played around the journey sneak peeking near the trees, on the layers, beside the roads making my heart beat fast for him.And there was one view during the bus journey where I caught him red handed, no white handed ! He couldn’t hide at that point , because he had too much love to shower. And finally as I got down the bus and wanted to touch this soap bubbly, creamy teaser. And there he poked my hands like a crystal cracker. What should I have done? My entire trip was about him. “hmm.. let me check in get refreshed and come to handle you” – I threw my fake angry challenge at him.

And an hour later, there was no crystal, no bubble, no pepper in the salt, no teasing. I just hugged him tight and felt how such cold hearted tricky nature could bring loads of joy within. He does it not just with me, he does it with all am sure. We all played and adored our first experience with snow. The white, salt like, crystal like, bubbly face teaser , meeting him at the French alps was a Mesmerizing experience and always to cherish within !

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