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2 weeks vacation might seem so casual thing for Europeans but from where I come from – nah! 2 weeks being disconnected from work, doors closed at home, a lot of factors pop into our heads, but yes, thanks to Paris phase of life – we had our first summer vacation in Eastern Europe. I will be sharing the travel plans, details of travel and accommodation in another blog, this one is about packing. Two reasons we decided to travel light :

  1. Because we had to book separate fees to take extra luggage, cost was around 50 Euros per bag
  2. We had to check out in many hotels and explore the city before taking the next bus / train, so carrying a shoulder bag was really helping

4 of us in the family, 2 weeks, 4 countries – just one shoulder bag each, including shopping stuffs to carry in return, including the makeup accessories of the mom daughter duo, family theme based costumes – many of my insta friends asked me “HOW WAS IT POSSIBLE”. So, here are the simple tips I can share on how to pack light yet shine bright during your trips

  1. First things first Clean clothes : Yes We did laundry : The airbnb were we stayed and most of the hotels have laundry services – so after 3 days, when we checked in to the next city, we used the option effectively. Being summer, the post drying was easy too
  2. Per person per bag : Though the needs differ from each of us packing list, while starting our journey, we made sure it was person based. So, we knew the extra spaces in each of our bag and no one carried more than what one bag could take.
  3. Mix and Match : The big secret about fashion during summer trip is after washing, from day3, we started mix and match of tops and shorts, also accessories. For example, my white dress was paired with white accessories and open hair first week and then with colourful accessories and tied hair last week. Boys had their theme t-shirts with different trousers planned each week. It is possible if you pay attention to small details & play with it while packing
  4. Happy returning : The last but one day, we had ensured to wash the clothes in airbnb, so we really can come home and crash, binge watch instead of cleaning up. After this, there was one bag for carrying the shopping stuff and extra accessories, 2 bags full of cleaned clothes tightly folded and packed, one bag of little to be washed, and chargers and toiletry kit etc. This way, we were able to literally share the load and chill together

So, here are some pics of the trip and definitely carrying less gave space for more fun and independence during the long trip. Cheers ! Do share some travel packing trips that you have.

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