Never let me grow up!

“I’m blogging about the kasams I want from my man this Women’s Day with the #SadaSexy activity at BlogAdda in association with Set Wet.” watch the video
Thanks  @blogadda for triggering my brain to think of such idea especially on the occasion of women’s day ! So, here you go ! What a promise I want from my man !
Ours is a love marriage, we realised that we are made for each other only during college days however, me and my better half know each other since childhood, same school, neighbours , same hindi class. We have seen each other performing in school dramas, getting punishment from teachers, kneel down times outside, playing on streets, crying for a lollypop etc. We grew up together, love made us join hands and yes, we got married 7 years back. We still see each other how we saw during childhood, no editing required, no feedbacks to give, just see each other as ourself. He is the man with whom I can be myself. I can go crazy, I can get extremely angry, I can go mad and weird. Whatever transformation happens, he makes me get into normalcy mode. We know the art of how to handle each other. Having said all this, now we are in our 30s. Parenting, career, bills, investments, parents,family traditions, passion,goals – life has extended its serious TO DO list. We wear our responsibility hat.
But only he can make that serious mode into fun mode. The responsibility hat can be removed for a while and wear clown hat. While I talk about serious family stories and get upset while cooking in the kitchen, he called me, that second I thought he is going to hug me and give the warmth. But what did he do ? He just had that opened bottle of water and splashed it on me, WHAT ! yes I got fully drenched and he said “enough aunty, stop cribbing and be my cute girl”. I switch off the stove and take a bigger mug of water and splashed on him, and then the house was full of water, the hearts were cooled 🙂
narmi school.png
While I give my public speech in a forum, addressing next generation, motivational talks or let it be the management committee speech. While all the pairs of eyes show the inspiration and applause, his pair of eyes give me the same look which I used to get during recitation in school , the encouragement look which my parents used to give. How ever matured we are, we need encouragement to proceed further right ?
I am becoming more of a serious person as age drags me into those phases.

While I see rain, I try to protect my children and ensure they dont get cold.

Oh dear ! Push me into the rain and bring the little girl in me who would love to dance in rain.

While I see my colleagues growing up in career, I get sad for missing that freedom to take up independent career and achieve.

Oh dear ! Bring that lovely lady in me who does whatever I love to do , not to achieve goals, but to be happy.

While my days get busier , I get tired and boring and go to sleep.

Oh dear ! Wake up that college girl, who loves watching movies till 3 AM also. 

20140504_170107While I want to buy something for my kids, I research on the best and search for it.

Oh dear ! Buy me those 50 paise mittais that the school girl in me used to love. 

While I am busy with kids homework, I get so involved.

Oh dear ! Make me write those funny love poems the teenage girl in me used to write for u. 

While we cross the road, I get insecure  about the pollution.

Oh dear ! Hold my hands and bring out the romantic butterflies in me again & again.

nk.pngWe are growing everyday. While we mainly focus on family, career and responsibilities, bring the child mode and lover mode in me forever. Even I dont know the magic. It is you who is the magician to make DSC00546me travel across timezones.
Promise me that you will do that magic to me till my last breathe ! As part of women’s day, promise me that you will continue to bring the little girl in me always ! Never let me grow up forgetting the little girl in me…

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