Oops! I got a pimple

Yes, though in my mid thirties I have problems to focus of every side of my life, looks like the top most that needs immediate attention is the new members spotted on my face. I was one of those lucky ones who never had much of pimples or marks on my face. The last time I remember having pimples was when I was 14 years, the obvious harmonal biology.

So everyday when anyone meets me, in the lift of my apartment, in the park, at work, tea breaks, first question with a big rolling eyes is  “heyyyy, what happened!? You are getting pimples” followed by free suggestions  and products and examples and stories. 

No, that’s not the worst thing about it. The worst thing is  what flashes in my mind immediately as they ask me. The television ads, beauty creams, branded cosmetics etc that say  pimple cure. Ouch! Look at what a victim I / we have become to those ads. Isn’t normal for a human being to get a pimple and isn’t it to do with science and health?

Later, during the weekend, I took my son for a haircut. The lady in the parlor found an amazing victim for her sales. And I was just there carrying the perfect business case she was looking for. It was on my face and she projected the dangers behind and suggested me the facial that has fanciest name and maximum cost in her menu book. She also recommended anti-aging pack with discounts. Have I already become too old? I hated the moment within, smiled outside and said I will come later.

After reaching home, as I was lying on the sofa, my son noticed the pimple and came and touched it. “ah, don’t touch, it will spread” I screamed. “is it paining amma? Eat properly here after” he said with care and kissed on my forehead.

The simple line changed my perception. I thought, maybe I should. But why no one told me to eat well and take care of my skin. Rather, from Ayurveda till cosmetic creams, all were imposed and injected into my brain, that’s how all of us are made to think.

In 14 years, when I got pimples, I remember trying every face pack and creams secretly as my mother would make me apply every gram and flour in the kitchen with curd or milk. I used to feel like a raitha myself. But the one person who always looked prettiest in family was my grandmother who never bothered about reducing weight, or going to gym  neither applied any beauty products. She used to apply turmeric powder daily on her face. Diet was for healthy life and not a beauty concern for her.

But today our mindset is changed. why? Who decided what’s sexiest figure? Who sets a benchmark for good looks. Hair spa becomes the first solution for hair fall. That’s wrong. healthy food, iron content actually takes care. The facts about health is erased and covered with products. Today the kind of products we have are scary. Eye lash roller, artifical nails, body shaping vests, omg!

Body shaming is not others commenting on one’s appearance. Body shaming is when you don’t like the natural you. So what if I have a pimple , it’s still the lovely me 🙂 I carry it with grace. Let me eat healthier.

Let’s not become a victim of these beauty products, let those be just a cosmetic zone which we choose when we want to. Let us not make the products sit in our head and control our emotions.

Stay elegant, stay strong ! As always.

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  1. My grandpa’s remedy was ” Never keep looking into the mirror. ” I add to this ‘ especially when you have a pimple’ Then i remember my dad saying ” stop worrying about it as worrying about it will make it only worse” and my mother would advice me the turmeric sandal face pack! As i read your blog, all these came up to my mind!

    • Good to hear the nostalgia and connectivity on similar lines 🙂 thanks for sharing!

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