Our pregnancy together

One fine day, my heart started caring for the life inside me given by you
Your heart started caring for me triple strong !
I woke you up each morning, with my throwing up sound in bathroom
You woke up and stood by me, holding my forehead !
I welcomed you each evening with all girly stories I read in internet about pregnancy
You patiently listened to them, not even having your cup of coffee !
I felt like eating crazy dishes on Earth
You searched around places and got me those !
I kept asking you if I still look pretty
You gave me that same love looks thru your eyes !
I spoiled your happy plans of outings due to my mood swings
You understood my emotions and left the day to my choice !
I screamed at you while driving, how ever cautiously you drove
You said “sorry ma” each time, thou you know mistake is not yours !
9 months ! 270 days !
I kept telling you same complaints about sickness, hunger, breathlessness, back pain and head ache
9 months ! 270 days !
You kept telling me “Its ok, few more days” and pat me to make me feel better !
I understand I was carrying the life inside me to feel the changes and love my pregnancy
You did not carry the baby inside you , but joined me in carrying our little children (both times) right from womb !
I always complained you never say “I love you” daily
You proved my foolishness showing how much you love me each second !
Love you my man 🙂

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