Photo story #26 TEAM 

They were lamps, made from steel, iron or molded from clays. Different lamps from different places, their purpose might be different, the reason they reached the temple might be different. Their prayer might be different. 
Few lamps might feel odd in the group, few might not be as bright as the rest. 
The beauty is how these little lamps from various backgrounds gather in the temple and bring out the grave and energy brightening the ambience, showcasing the positive vibes around. How their little presence and togetherness make a bigger brightness in the ambience. 
That exactly happens when people from various locations in a team meet together, work together and feel the positive vibes. Some consider work as passion, some consider financial cause, some work just to work, some have no choice. But whatever is the reason, when all these people with different scenarios meet or connect together, there is a great scope of energizing and working towards a bigger purpose at work. Productive work and qualitative work. 
Life is beautiful, people are full of amazing energy if the way we choose to see and showcase the strength and power of team work. 

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  1. Amazing thoughts Narmadha and very well expressed.
    The tiny lamps when lit up together… can brighten up the world around..
    I feel proud to be one of them…

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