Photo story 35 : The Grumpy kid

Kichu was a kid who never adjusted with anyone. Let it be sitting in the same bench with other kids, sharing the writing table, lunch time exchange of food – Kichu was always throwing tantrums. He was fighting with every other classmate. “Move and sit”, “dont touch my bag”, ” don’t dirty my shoes”, “i won’t share aloo paratha with you”, “i want to go home soon” . Children are not complicated, so other kids never bothered so much, neither tried to bring him closer nor bullied him. He was a serious and a tough one.

And in 2020, the world changed. The concept of classrooms changed. Kids who wanted to escape from school earlier wanted to escape from home. Kichu who wanted more space on his desk had an entire desk and computer at his home but he realized the value of sharing it with a friend. Kichu wished he got his shoes dirty by playing with them instead of outgrowing the shoes, not wearing them.

He was sitting for an online annual day with his classmates video on and when they presented some pics from previous year, Kichu’s eyes were full of tears. He wished, he was a better friend to everyone, he wished he understood the value of actually being with friends.

The social distancing mode and lockdown world taught him great lessons. He is ready and eagerly waiting to go back to school, as Kichu2.0 a better version of himself…

( Thank you Aditi, for choosing this pic for the photo story and Kichu says thanks too 😉 )

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