Photo story 36 : What matters

All three decades of his life, Pavan was chasing light, the focus, being at the centre stage, success, glory. The journey was filled with hurdles, not just to face the outside world but to fight his demon within. He wanted to be rich, so he worked hard. He wanted the best social status and he created that picture of happy family, beautiful wife, two children, best schools, amazing neighbourhood. He was glowing, he was reaching the light he always wanted on him. But deep within, he missed something, his soul was left out. He felt so powerful that he could afford the medical expenses if the family had any complications. Ageing gave him regular dosage of higher blood pressure, diabetes etc. He also could afford to a therapist, who makes him realise the amount of mental health that’s at stake with his ambitious journey. He visited India in 2022 to attend his cousin’s wedding. Post covid fear, wearing mask, seated inside a BMW, guiding his driver the route to the wedding venue, Pavan noticed the guy driving opposite, in that narrow street. It was his school mate Anand, the studious one in his class. He was waiting for Anand’s America story or whatever, because he knew Anand belonged to the Tech savvy world. He always wondered how or why Anand never had a social media account to flaunt his achievements.

“I am settled in outskirts of Coimbatore, with my own farming land. I apply all the science we learnt into agriculture to have peaceful and healthy life”, Anand said this with such a sense of satisfaction which Pavan never acquired in his life with bigger bank balance and sophisticated parties. “What about your family? Did you not want your children to study in best international schools?”, Pavan was not able to accept the decision. “No, I want them to learn what matters in life. Ok now, this is time to feed the cows, let me meet you some other time”, very sincerely Anand waved his bye and powered his bullet bike heading to his farm.

One week later, as the flight was taking off back from Chennai, India, Pavan had different view on his priorities. What mattered is not the light on you, but the life around you !

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  1. 🥳🥳✨✨ nice story narration ❤️

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