Rape is not the end

Till I was 29 years, I had always thought that once a female is rapped she will be dead. That is what I have seen in movies, that is what I have read in newspapers, that is what I have seen society talking. id-1Only while  Leslee Udwin had made her documentary on Delhi rape case – India’s daughter movie, in an interview she said, she herself was a rape victim thrice. I had the shock of my life, how can she be alive ? After 3 rape incidents. Then slowly I started thinking and talking about it. Mentally a female is grown up by values which say that , once a woman is raped, her life is gone, her purity is gone.
An interesting synonym while I googled the Tamil word – Karpu, which is a woman’s sexual purity.
“Karpu in Tamil means a fiery adherence to chastity in a woman even in the face of gravest adversity. This word has its root in the Tamil word Kal, which means a stone. So, when wood, or even metal, can be made to bend under extreme force, stone would always rather break than bend.” 
So, it is made sure that the metal can be broken instead of bending, similarly a woman can be dead if she is rapped, instead of living with that impure soul. HOW CRUEL !!! Is what I feel about it .
I would be proud to be a human being if the saying / word was coined other-wise. If a man rapes a woman, he should be killed / dead and has no purpose to continue his life on this Earth. Won’t it be morally right ? Rather, what do we do to our daughters ? What do we preach the little girls of our society ? We do rituals once they attain puberty, we talk to them how special their sexual purity is , their virginity is ! And once they lose it, they feel they do not have the status to live on this Earth. Oh you poor souls ! While I understand the physical pain and mental stress attached to it, the tradition also plays a major role to a raped women committing suicide.
slutwalk-canada-rape-crimesRather, teach her how to be strong ! 1. How to protect herself from such incidents. 2. How to prevent herself from the rapist attack <and unfortunately if it happens> 3. How to overcome and survive and live a successful life.
Be bold ! Get angry to kill him, get superior to face life with much more strength, find the right people around you to keep up positivity of your existence. Get married, have children, be part of a correct future. While you teach your little girls how pure her virginity is, teach her more about how beautiful life is … how important it is to live that life with a positive spirit.
Every woman faces some kind of harassment in her life. It might be a whistle from a stranger / a bad touch by a bus conductor / a proposal from a boy at school / a boy’s camera that peeks into your privacy / a rape. LADY ! All these are equal – they are harassment, they are the curse of the other gender’s character (if done) which when ignored or faced boldly becomes our strength. BE STRONG ! FACE THE WORLD, KICK THE HARASSMENTS … REMEMBER – RAPE IS NOT THE END… YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL LIFE TO LIVE … YOU HAVE MANY SMILES TO PUT ON OTHER GOOD PEOPLE’S FACE… Never let yourself down !
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