Realize your power!!

‘Mind is master of the body’ is a widely known fact.

Most of us, however, haven’t explored its potential to the fullest. No matter how much situations or people may influence us, the mind is the ultimate decisive factor. You may be holding a key role in an organisation and yet feel powerless deep inside. Real power lies within oneself.

External factors do have an impact on us but not as much as our inner power.

Now, how do we realise this inner strength within us?

Here are some tips to realize this power –

  • Self awareness

First and foremost comes self-awareness. Try to do a self – assessment by yourself.  Identify your unique strengths or qualities that define you and sets you apart from others. Learn to accept the flaws or shortcomings.

  • Stop comparing

Comparing yourself with others, may weaken your confidence. People are of different calibre and nature. Imagining yourself in another’s shoes makes you question your innate ability.This in turn affects your output.

  • Avoid all guilt feelings

Guilt trips are quite common, especially if you are of the soft – hearted or sensitive kind. Disengage from all those self-pity talks.There comes good times and bad times in life. To constantly brood over the way of life or the pace at which things happen, would only add to more agony. Substitute positive affirmative thoughts in its place.

  • Believe in transformation

Transformation or change can happen at any time, anywhere and to anybody. Certain thoughts assimilated through media, friends or family may stimulate the mind and bring about a twist in your life. There are plenty of living examples around us in support of this..Yes!!.There’s no barrier to achieving this realization

  • Build healthy boundaries

Unhealthy boundaries grab away much of your internal peace and energy. When you build healthy boundaries, you let in only that which is worthy of being continued to stay on and discard the rest . It applies to relationships both in personal as well as professional life. Staying away from toxic people, saves much time and peace of mind thereby saving up the resources to realize your potential.

  • Follow your passion

Keep doing what you love to do. When you are deeply focused on whatever you are doing, you will be able to bring out the best in you.A person who invests his/her level best into their work, turns out to be more powerful.

  • Make your own choices

You are the key decision maker in your life. That aunt living next door, or the  coach you met online, are just giving you suggestions. When you follow something blindly based on choices of others, you lose interest gradually. Important decisions in life need to be taken considering one’s personal abilities.

  • Have a supportive network

From friends and colleagues to mentors, it is advisable to have a bunch of people around you on whom you can rely on. Make sure you are surrounded by people who uplift you all the way.

  • Eliminate all phobias or fears

Acknowledge the kind of fear you have. This varies from person to person. Fear obstructs your growth.This is easily said than done. It requires a great deal of courage and determination. Work wisely towards eliminating those fears.Sometimes, certain adverse situations in life, forces you to shed away some fears.

  • Find some lone time

The value of finding some lone time is often underrated. With enormous amount of information available right in front of our eyes,spending some quiet, lonely time has become quintessential . Find quality time away from all electronic gadgets and media, to breathe and think freely on your own.

  • Have your own growth plan

There is no other person who knows you better than you,yourself. Sketch a rough plan regarding your future:which direction you need to move forward etc. You needn’t punish yourself with a rigorous, unrealistic plan.Go for specific, step by step , realistic, achievable and time – bound plans. When you achieve one, don’t forget to reward yourself.

Believe in the power within you.As already stated,it begins with self- awareness: it’s all within you . Once you set the wheels in motion, you get to know your true inner self!


Benita Jim

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