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Black as a color itself, carries “style”. So, wearing anything black would naturally pep up your style. So, what is to be focussed is, how your ‘personal style’ can be flavored along with the black saree. In today’s Saree-gama post, I have taken a pure soft(est) cotton saree which is in black. It wraps and gels with your body so the material is such a feel-good factor. The pattern here is more connected with the tribe and rural patterns (like the wall arts you see in Shilparamam at Hyderabad). So, two important things to keep in mind while you pair up the saree with the look :

  1. As the saree has a wide spreading pattern, do not add lots of accessories, it will mess up the designs
  2. A plain blouse will highlight the overall look.

I wish I got all day to style this saree with ten different looks, magenta blouse, full sleeve half white blouse with open hair, collared black blouse / mustard blouse with a bun and a heavy neckpiece – so much can be explored. But, here I am picking up some basic 4 looks that can be part of this saree-gama episode.

Trendy crop top look : Today I had to be part of a fun workshop with teenagers and they just loved this trendy look of a saree which is converted into a skirt , top, dupatta pattern which can be switched to stole style as well. This crop top from Max that I am wearing has basic prints (so it doesn’t do panga with the pattern on my saree). The single line choker and jhuka contrasting the choker will add the required attitude to overall look. Now, speaking of details, my Maybelline dark purple lipshade and topping up with my simmer lipstick is the hot combo to match this shade. And there are couple of eye options – a smokey black might be too evilish, but a medium eyeshade that matches my dusky skin tone will be perfect.

Saree-gama Trendy crop top look

Shakuntala Devi look : With this new hairstyle which makes my friends tease me if I follow Shakuntala Devi.. and I thought, ‘oh yes, why not?’ When she is a genius and an awesome mother. And coming to the saree, a very normal drape with attached blouse. Make a metallic accessory combination which would sharpen the looks. Note the watch I have added to this look and adding drama with the book.

Saree-gama : Shakuntala Devi look

Open Pleats – Pinch of red : If you are someone who doesn’t prefer a lot of black in your look, then certainly you can match the accessories with a red / pink / multi-color options. Here, I have selected a flowery red ear ring, a simple neck piece with red leaflets and a single red bangle with leaf pattern. This look will go well with brighter eye shade, as it makes a fresh yet elegant look. Red lipstick certainly yes. No big hungama around making it different, just an open pleats would make it very breezy with the leaf pattern accessories.

Saree-gama : Open Pleats – Pinch of red

Contrast Red & Black tribal flavour : Now, if you really want to reduce the black and make a red and black combo, pick up a plain shimmery red blouse (simple / boat neck either would suit, I have chosen a plain here). A orange-ish neck piece gifted from Delhi and kundan patterned ear ring from Rajasthan, with the few bangles of Southern India have convoyed this look flawless. I always look for which look would suit a nose ring for me , and yay! this one does. A heavy smokey eyes or one with deep red shade will edge the look.

Saree-gama : Contrast Red & Black tribal flavour

So, these are the 4 looks of my black beauty soft cotton saree. Now, in last blog of mine, a friend had asked to share more details on the accessories, here you go ! Have marked them to know the combinations and highlights.

Accessories used in above looks
Maybelline 24K Nude shades

Hope you liked this one and stay tuned for more on #sareegama!

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