Saree-gama Fabric vs Feel

Since my previous post was about a beautiful black cotton saree, and I explicitly mentioned it is a soft cotton. Many of the readers had a query or rather a belief in a myth which says cotton sarees usually are not soft, what do you mean by soft cotton ? So this blog is probably a continuation that explains the material type which is fabric vs the feel. Today there are many hybrid fabrics created that are plenty. When it comes to feel, they are elegant, they highlight or make you look bigger or soft and adheres to the body shape and doesn’t add any extra weight in the look. Usually light color dresses make you look plumpy while darker shades of any dress will give you a thinner look comparatively.

So here are two of my plain black sarees. One is the raw silk which a pure handloom which has a rich blend of red border and twinned threads for the finishing. A very grand look, certainly if you are the singer in a concert or host of a party. A big jhumka with 2 varieties of neckpiece is what I have showed in this pic. As it makes you look beautiful and highlight your face, me who has a larger forehead opted for 2 bindi for the sharpness in the look. Darker kajal adds to the elegance. The heavy embroidery black and red blouse compliments the radiance of the saree.

Black saree, yet a totally different material – crepe silk with mild embroidery border makes you feel the saree dancing on your body as you walk. A very slippery one to pin, the boatneck self patterned blouse adds to the cuteness of the look. You want a fresh look, leave your hair open or an organised look , make a bun. Honestly this did not want any neckpiece or big accessory for highlighting. Plus the saree is 12 years old 🙂 and the material doesn’t fade. You can wear these for simple breezy occasions.

so next time you buy a saree, look at the fabric and feel ! Are you an expert in carrying a fine fabric like crepe ? Or do you adore the way it blends with your body ? Are you a fan of raw silk and handloom. Able to feel the thread that has binded to make you look pretty in the saree ? Or you feel fat in the look ? 🙂 Know yourself more to know the looks of the saree too 🙂 Have fun & carry the pride of wearing Indian attire !

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