Saree-gama Knitted jute plain saree

What should I fall in love with ? The beautiful peach color of this saree? or the graceful look if the plain saree with mild golden border ? Or the knitted jute material ? Or chance to keep re-designing the look with any accessory or blouse, plain sarees give us an extra freedom to be creative. I think all the above makes me just love this saree , also Actress Sridevi being an icon of wearing maximum plain sarees in her movies. Now let’s see some varieties of saree-gama looks !

  1. Grand silk blouse : If you observed the previous saree-gama series, I explained using a nylon blouse for a silk saree, here a silk blouse for a jute saree. So, the art is to understand what materials make good pair and how they suit your look. As always, I spend more on the blouse, this readymade blouse was from Prasiddhi silks and it beautifully highlighted the saree and made it perfect for grand events. Use golden sets to add grand looks. In the below image, right side : I have used a multi-colored necklace and multi colour bangles ( same pattern ear rings which gets inside the free hair ). This is a perfect work wear look. On the left comes a breezy one sided open hairstyle to highlight the ear rings I purchased from Zaveri pearls and open pleats with simple pearl necklace adds elegance to the look. A perfect party wear , one grand ear ring does the magic.

2. Choker lady : It gives a sharp look when we add a thick highlighting choker which contrasts the colour of the saree and compliments the blouse. A bun is always the best option for your choker look. I prefer a dusky makeup for this look, highlighting my natural skin tone and thicker eyeshades. The beauty of choker look in sarees especially with neck bone seen is classic ! Use a ear ring that’s very minimal or no ear ring will also be fine.

3. Full sleeve simple blouse : What you observe now is a look that makes me look thinner than the above ones. The credit goes to the material of the readymade blouse I wear and the full sleeve pattern. I have chosen a brown blouse but any contrast ones would do. I prefer a simple no necklace with a dashingly noticeable ear ring ( threaded one) and a dark red lipstick. Closed hair compliments the thin look.

So, this post shows clearly how each material of your blouse makes you look thinner or a bit chubbier. And what suits one for a thin look might not suit other. The shape of your face, the nose especially plays an important part in this difference. Have you observed these details about your sarees ? Keep enjoying these details that makes a punch 🙂

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  1. Love to see you in different attire……all suits u…….too good

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