Saree-gama Know Your Colour

In this blog, I am not going to pick one particular saree and show your different styles. Instead I am here to speak of a journey of discovering which color suits me more when it comes to saree.

How do I know my color when it comes to saree ?

Most of you would be asking the above question at this point of time, and let me share some tips to explore the same.

  1. Observe your wardrobe , somehow naturally we tend to buy or people tend to gift us the saree with the color that compliments one’s skin tone, looks etc. My mother in law’s wardrobe has all shades of green where in my mother has all shades of red.
  2. Your accessories speak of your color : I am a pearl lover and the color of the deep blue sea is “made for each other” companion for pearls. So the collection of my pearl jewelleries would go with most of my blue sarees. I also have some mild gold’s and mostly silver or oxidised jewellery sets. The lighter shade blue sarees match my silvers while the darker one suits the golden collection. To give you a different example, if you are someone who doesn’t prefer a lot of jewellery, brown, mustard, yellow might be your color as they go well with basics. If you are fond of rich accessories, pink shades would be your friend as they go so well with rich accessories. So another factor is the set of accessories you have.

From a professional look till a classical look, be it a birthday party or a wedding reception, a simple drive or some drama selfies : each of my blue saree suits the occasion so well. The first pic you see above is for one of my author talks and the right corner was post dance practice. 3 sarees of these are gifted by various folks ( see, they knew the color that goes well for me ). And you can see the materials varying from cotton, jute, silk, raw silk, garden.

Some fun facts / surprise facts :

  1. Blue is not my favorite color, purple is my favorite color. But after exploring how this color suits me for all materials of saree, and with all different occasions, I came to understand the connection with blue color.
  2. This is not the same case for a western or salwar outfit. Blue is particularly the color when it comes to saree collections.

Let me stop here with my obsession on my blue saree collection and tune in to hear from the readers on your saree color. Share in the comment section and looking forward how you enjoyed this blog.

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