Saree-gama Raw tissue pink saree

Pink is a color that is more feminine and most of the girl’s favorite. It has more elegance and lavishness in it. In this blog, I attempted my saree-gama styles with a pretty Pink colored “Raw tissue saree”. Tissue sarees are an age-old thing and they have been worn over the years. The material of the saree is so soft, comfortable, lightweight, and easy to handle. “Daily wear sarees”, as moms call it, this simple saree when paired with different blouses and accessories gives you different looks. Let’s take a quick look at the various styles that I tried with this beautiful saree but before that let me tell a quick funny story behind it. I was on a single day work trip and had packed one saree for the office workshop. I had to extend my stay for another couple of days to support another office colleague and I did not have backup plans, so I went hunting for sarees, I found a very very pretty blue blouse (readymade) in Chennai silks and purchased it, keeping this blouse with me, I was searching for matching sarees, and found this simple saree in Pothys which was a contrast one for the blouse ! Bundle of crazy shopping happened that evening 🙂 So, lets see the saree-gama suprises below :

Below is the look that I tried with a Gujarati drape. I paired this saree with a quirky crop top that I purchased from MAX showroom. I am a big fan of the crop tops at Max especially.  If you are bored of wearing a saree in a traditional way then try this style. It will surely fetch you some compliments.  A Multi bead necklace that matches the color of the saree and a matching earring with a rich red colored bindi and a simple hairdo can enhance the look.

Here is one more look with a South Indian drape. To keep it traditional I teamed up my saree with a Boat neck contrast blue silk blouse that has stonework. I went Minimal with the accessories. A gold chain, with grand earrings and a simple hip chain, would complement the overall look. I used a Dark kajal with rich bindi and glossy red lipstick to sharpen the look. From being trendy, this look will quickly transform you for a festive / traditional gathering.

I have matched this blouse with a jute saree in my previous blog. Whether you want to redesign your style or want to look slimmer, the full sleeve lace blouse comes to our rescue. Be it a Gujarati drape or a Traditional South Indian drape You can try this look for any festive occasion. For both the looks I picked a Black lace choker, with an open hairstyle and an eyeliner based bindi to flaunt in style.

Pairing your saree with right contrast blouse can take your look to next level. To get a perfect chic look I teamed this saree with a red colored collar sleeve blouse. To spice up the look  I chose a  multilayered red necklace and earrings with open hair. You can flaunt in  this style for any parties.

Here comes the blouse which was the reason for my purchase of the saree, the one I tried for a simple office wear look. I paired with a contrast ocean blue blouse. Here If you observe in one picture I went with a pearl necklace and my hair tied back for a ponytail and in the other picture I chose a beaded necklace with open hair. Any of the look would be great a choice if you want to show up in saree for office.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments about this beautiful and elegant Raw silk saree that I experimented with.

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