Saree-gama rich red saree

My previous post was a very elegant mild light blue silk saree and today’s post is going to be a total contrasting choice of rich red color silk saree which is so charming by the design and attractive zigzag golden lines. And this saree is a gift from one of my mentors who appreciated my craze for this beautiful Indian attire.

Since this saree has a rich zari work on it, the blouse can underplay to make the saree look brighter. So I have 5 different looks here :

  1. South Indian traditional look : a golden blouse , neatly draped with 5 pleat folds, mango designed golden jewellery with red coral stone is the standard look. I added a long hair look to this and few curly hair behind ears which gives a wavey cuteness. Red and white flowers will give a divinely grave to this golden blouse and red saree.

2. Switch the style : In the same drape as above, just us a plain red full sleeve blouse and a trendy choker with a semi-open hair and that gives a totally cool modern look on this saree. While the above is for wedding looks, this is more for a reception or party look.

3. Jass it up : Now the Gujarati drape is another option which would suit this rich golden pallu, however I added some Jass to the look by wearing a top instead of blouse . Glitter lipgloss, a plain yet royal pearl accessory set is all you need to Jass it up. Free hair would be very accomodating on this look.

4. Black blouse to change the vibes : if you are not a fan of too much golden stuff., Add a black blouse to create a magic to shift gears to this look. Black accessories and open hair with eyeliner based bindi and smokey eyelashes are needed combo for this look.

5. Marati drape : As I started attempting new traditional drapes, am trying to pull my best on the Marati looks , and I was initially doubtful how it would fit the saree but the splendid design surprised me by perfectly matching the look. Bun hair was very neat for this, you can also try french pleats as hairstyle if u are a fan of it.

Hope you liked the rich red saree look, please do like and share comments of your feedback.

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