Sewing fun : pant from pants for kids 

The problem with buying expensive clothes for kids is that they grow fast and the dresses don’t fit.. A veryperfect example of this issue is buying full pants for new born , the pricing starts fro 100rs and ranges up to 500rs however they can be used only till 3 months . While I had set of 10 baby pants which is Jo kore fitting her but of good quality, my sewing  mind got this idea to combine 2 small pants into one that will fit her now. So let me try to explain the procedure : 

  1. Choose colour combo for the double design pant ( take 2 small size pants)

2. Cut the pant as shown in the pic leaving one side of top joint and rest opened. 
3. Similarly cut the other one also and place both together, in my case the blue one is slightly bigger than pink. That has an advantage 
4. Rather cutting the extra fold the blue extras on top of pink pant and sew them
  5. Sew all extras carefully and adjust hop size according to requirement, you can open up the hip part as the baby grows. The biggest advantage of this method is that you need not work on elastic a as they r also present from old pants and hence saves major part of sewing a pant. 
Hope my little but of explanation and the pic helps u understand the method of making a pant from two old pants for kids 🙂 happy sewing 


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