Simple Seven Tips : How to spread positive energy

Spreading positive energy might look like a term that focus on giving happiness to others. While that is totally true, it is more important that spreading positive energy gives you a fresh and positivity more than the receivers.
Are you feeling dull, hopeless, things around you not in your favour, no feel good stuffs happening ? Why don’t you stop blaming the situation or time and give a small twist around.
Here are simple seven tips that you can do, to spread positive energy to everyone around you, which will show you what a pleasant personality you are !

  1. Help others : This need not be a financial help, not necessarily to help a friend who is in stress. You can just tell a stranger to adjust his cycle stand while driving. You can bend and take that bag which the person dropped down. You can pass on the tray in the busy food court. Many times we get too busy within ourself that we do not open our eyes to see reality around. We get lost in our own thoughts and troubles. Relax, open your eyes, see things around and many people might want the tiny help. Be the helping hand. You will feel so light after every stretch as a helping hand.
  2. Give a true Compliment : “Security, why is the lift intercom not working?”, “Conductor, the seat is dirty here”, “Why can’t you bill the stuffs quicker?” – Are you one among the regular human who feels comfortable complaining everyone when things are not easy for you ? Rather, pause a minute and think for a while .Have you greeted back when the security greets you. Have you thanked the shop keeper assistant who gives you a bill ? Have you complimented your spouse’s cooking or his/ her looks ? Have you told your child, “wow thats wonderful , you have built a nice lego train” ? Think and focus on compliments instead of complains.
  3. laughing-childMake a child smile : This is the best out of all seven. You don’t have to be an intelligent person or take a big attempt to make a smile. Just be true at heart, play a peek-a-boo, give a flying kiss, keep funny faces. Run or jump or play – Only a child can make a child smile and happy. So, if you did that, you have experienced your childhood for few minutes relaxing again.
  4. Greet elders : This is what our parents always wanted us to do right ? And at one point of time, we became adults. We are elders to our younger generation. So, we lost our carefulness in greeting elders. Are you the one who walks away , not even sharing eye contact with an elder while you are on the same apartment ? As and when you greet an elder and show a polite behaviour, you feel good because you are doing something which your parents always wanted . So, go ahead.Dont’ be an adult to an elder.grandma-304292
  5. Have a good habit :  I thought I should never use plastic bags, but I couldn’t do it practically. I wanted to have the habit of cultivating organic vegetables but no there too. Finally, I tried never to drop waste on road at any cost. And I am able to pursue this habit since last five years. Every time, when I get a chocolate wrapper and I place it in my hand bag , later drop in a dustbin, I really feel good. A minute contribution to the society but it is big for me. So, try a feasible good habit and feel proud about yourself.untitled-1
  6. Volunteer to support : While the world is full of corruption and crime, there are equal number of protests and initiatives to correct them. So, are you someone who can contribute with your presence ? Or an online vote ? Or a donation ? Or hit a like to the NGO page ? Or forward an email to support ? You can never say that you dont have time. Because the help can be from a small email till being there in person and you can choose based on your character and interest. This becomes a help, with positivity around and self.
  7. Crack jokes without hurting : Being witty and humorous is an inborn talent. Every great orator has this naturally. Many of us also have a good sense of humour and we get hyper excited when friends around encourage us. But, some of us try to be humorous , try to crack jokes. When we try so, we need a subject to crack joke upon. And we choose another individual, who also has feelings and emotions. Without a second thought, we happily make fun of them and laugh and make everyone around laugh. But, at the end of this joking, you will feel some heaviness in your heart. That means you have hurt someone. So, best is to crack jokes on lighter topics without hurting others. Especially when you want to spread positive energy, the last thing you want to do is the opposite.

Do you feel glad about the above seven tips ? Try it out ! Spread positive energy around ! Stay positive 🙂 Cheers !

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  1. Very true Narmadha. I have come across that by opening up conversation and listening attentively helps create a positive energy.

  2. 7 is the toughest at times….

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