Simple Seven Tips : Level 3 : Beginning of busy mommy life

I have been prompt on publishing the simple seven series on time while my daughter was in level 1 and 2 stages . Now she is 11 months and I have just started to write the article about 6 to 9 months tips. This can give u a view of how things change after your little one’s half birthday. Those routine you have set will change, you will be surprised with the first crawl or movements or a tiny tooth and understanding games like peek a boo, waving hi and bye. Hence I titled this as ” beginning of busy mommy life” which also includes the excitement and sweet memories u r going to receive from now.
So here are my simple seven tips for your baby care when he / she is 6 to 9 months old :
1. Learn to play : Your baby is no more just a little dolly lying down and giving silent responses for your actions. Your baby is getting more active day by day. She responds to familiar voices, learns to express her moods, including laughter times and crankiness. So, start living your childhood again, learn to play simple funny games starting with peek a boo, bow-bow catch, hand fish shadow etc. Trust me : You will enjoy as equal to your little receiver.
2. Look for likes & dislikes : While your baby is growing, it is important to start showing respect and acknowledgment to the little lady’s preferences. Example : Your baby might not be happy about a cooker whistle sound or a particular act. So, try to keep her away from those scenarios. At the same time, your baby will be now slowly picking up her favourite toy / sound / place / person. Try to focus and get the hint and engage more on those favourite lists.
3. Starting solids : After 6 months is when, W.H.O along with me 😛 recommends solids for your baby. Many people follow purees, carrots, rice, apple as the first food. Few believe in baby-led weaning method (which I vote for) and few the traditional feeding purees method. While the “google” mommy will have 1000 varieties of answers for each of your silly question, try to listen to your “mommy instinct” and follow instead of getting stressed upon the strange suggestions you hear from all sources around. I will be soon publishing my article on tips to start solids for your baby. To start with, you just have to work out the chemistry with your baby and ensure you offer one food one time per week.
4. Routines : The sleep patterns will be better by now. Oh yes ! Your every hour wake up calls are comparitively less now , this is also compensated by more activities during day time to keep you busy. Look out for new routines and help baby to follow the same. Ensure that your baby sleeps after every 3 hours, else the delay might get a lot of cranky cries to your baby, especially by evening times.
5. Road trips : Finally, a green signal to enjoy some trips now. Your baby would have developed immunity to face outside weather and air. She might also enjoy the new place to some extent, however not to a great extent. Keep the trip simple and relaxed one instead of covering many “to-do” list. In case you have started solids, plan how to feed your solids to your baby well ahead.
6. Mommy time : The growing baby also learns to play with her new toys and also new people from relatives or neighbourhood. So, do you remember “YOU” ? Yes, the lady in you who wants some time for a facial or a book or a movie alone ? So, this is the time you start to slowly get you “ME” time. This will also help your baby socialise with the rest of your family members / neighbours well. She will learn to enjoy a different ambience, different tone, however the time limit might be from 30 minutes to 1 hour or so.
7. Bathing fun : By now, atleast by end of 9th month, your baby actually realises the concept of bathing. So, make it a very obvious enjoyable process. Start with a baby massage, talking / singing to your little one , followed by a bath and then explain her the moisturiser and dressing session. You are in the process of converting a “born baby” sign board to “little prince / princess” stage.
Hope you enjoyed the above tips, insert them into your mommy instinct and once you feel the green signal, you are good to go ! Happy Parenting !
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