Simple seven tips : Organising baby's wardrobe 

It’s not easy to keep a little one’s wardrobe organised. Those tiny pants, the vest, little tops, the nappy clothes, tiniest burp towels, where is the other pair of mittens ? The ethnic wear? Oops I had arranged one above other and later realised the dresses are not fitting my little bub. Not just her dresses, but towels, carry towels, blankets all to be kept in the wardrobe. How many of u have experienced this ? Babies grow quicker and hence their cloth sizes keep increasing once in 2 months approx. having a clear wardrobe which gives a single snapshot of all baby dresses will really help mothers to manage. No, it’s not space consuming as u think. Here are my simple seven tips to keep baby stuffs clear in a wardrobe with min effort

  1. Use hangers to arrange the dresses – categorise based on types or sizes . I keep frocks in one, vests in one, jumpsuits in one etc .  Leave little space between each hanger so that you get to see all the dress at a single view . Towels can be placed separately, either in a hanger or a box pattern shown in #2. 
  2. Have clippers on hangers to keep mittens, socks and burp clothes. This helps us easily take out the tiny cute mittens and socks based on need, without having to search in a hassle     
  3. I love this one – The pants, nappy towels, a small quick dry sheet – these can be kept in such open boxes with handle. Place one box in each room, so that you need not run around each time when your little one gets wet. 
  4. The touch-up accessories – lotion, powder, bindi, hair bands etc are best to be kept inside bread box patterns since they should be kept closed. 
  5. The medicines and oils can be placed in such thin rectangular boxes. 
  6. Have either a box or a cover near your baby’s wardrobe, the clothes that do not fit your little ones can be instantly put inside the bag. You need not spend a separate day to check and dispose stuffs. Having a bag nearby, you can do it as and when you find the dresses become unfit.   
  7. The toys of the babies are something that would be spread everywhere. Have few open trays like this so that you can pick and place the toys inside the tray to avoid clumsy look and yes, this doesn’t have any cleaning required and you can keep the tray where ever your baby is.   

These are few tips I have shared based on my experience , after trial and errors with both kids. To read the other blogs in my “Simple seven tips” series , pls click on link below
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Cya with my next “simple seven tip” blog soon. Happy Parenting !

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  1. Clean and neat.
    Good job

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