Simple Seven Tips : The art of breastfeeding

The art of breastfeeding !
Yes, it is not a medical term, it is not just a verb. Breastfeeding is special, it is an emotion. It is an art ! And every woman while she transforms into a mother, gets into learning phase of this art. It is an art to be felt and appreciated between you and your child, trust me, no one else. Just you and your child.
Here are some tips to help you enjoy the journey of breastfeeding happily and with more maturity. michelle-02

  1. Initial Settling period: Level 1 is the only tough level in this art. It is the initial settling period. Latching technique from both sides. Hold your baby around your elbow in one hand and hold your nipples in between your two fingers and slowly help the little one latch on. Watch out for the flow of milk so that he is able to balance it out. Always remember – give your body minimum two weeks to understand the requirement of your baby and you will have milk secretion according to the baby’s need very soon. Trust yourself and have patience.
  2. bbab55993e84b52c0f6ee566abcc161eBond with your baby : Many new mothers think medically if they will get enough milk supply, if they can feed the little one properly. But, pls remember, breastfeeding is not a medical term. It is all about bonding with your baby. Talk to your little one while you breastfeed. Nurture him, pat on his back and give a hug while breastfeeding. Focus on motherhood and the strong love between you and the life you have created.  Eyes speak more than words. Dont tend to show your tension and post maternity stress on your eyes during breastfeeding. Do not look somewhere or think somewhere, see your baby’s eyes. Look into his beautiful little face. Enjoy the was you both are connected. Sometimes, it is also good to have skin to skin contact (bare body on top while breastfeeding) especially during first 3 months, since your baby will get the warmth of womb.
  3. Don’t get offended : Sometimes, your baby might just show no interest to breastfeed. He might turn his face off, he might bite your nipples hard, he might push out the nipple with his tongue. Most of the mothers take this too emotional and get offended. Few of them have switched to bottle feed thinking that the little one is no longer interested. No ! It is a sign of growth spurt. Once a while, your baby might not get hungry, and these kind of signs happens mostly during teething days. They feel uncomfortable and will be happy to show it on mommy’s milk can.
  4. Do not distract yourself : This is one of the major mistake many moms do now. Once they establish well on breastfeeding, whenever the baby cries , they just enable latching and then gets into their busy world. That is the time when they check their phone, browse through internet and read movie reviews. This is not appreciated . Never forget the days you bonded beautifully with your baby and enjoyed breastfeeding. When you consider breastfeeding as a process, your baby will consider it as a spoon or plate. So, never distract.
  5. Eating : It is very important to have a proper diet and nutritious food while you breastfeed. Also, watch out for your baby’s food allergy while you eat a particular food. It is ok to compromise on those dark chocolates and pizzas for an year in life for the benefit of your baby’s healthy feed. From the day you get pregnant, the thought of getting back to your pre pregnancy weight will be running at the back of your mind always. However, it is advised to postpone the enthusiasm for a little more. Trust your body. Let it take its time and shape to secrete enough milk for your baby and once you wean off, that is the right time for diet.
  6. Post feeding : a. Be ready for the poop show : Many infants have the tendency to poop as soon as they reach the end of breastfeeding. So, while you emotionally enjoy this art, also focus on having the quick dry mats and nappies around . b. The burp : What you have to do is give the baby a good burp post feed. Again, this is an extension of this art. Just tapping the baby’s back and expecting burp is not as exciting as singing a sweet lullaby for the baby holding him on your shoulders and slowly patting so that he burps and goes to sleep.
  7. Don’t forget the kiss : Ah yes ! Let him finish the session with a poop or a burp or a sleep, you always finish it with the ‘love you’ kiss.

Hope you enjoyed reading about the art. Wish you all the best to have a smooth breastfeeding journey. Happy Parenting !
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