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“The queen of the household”,”The light of the family”etc were few of the descriptions on women that I happened to come across during my high school days.Little did I know about the true essence and the multiple stages of womanhood I would pass through.Even though,I knew that life would bestow me with various roles to play,the complexities underlying each were totally unknown to me.

Now being in my early 30’s ,there are some learnings I have embraced from the past.Throughout  my childhood, I was pampered and protected just like other  girls of my age.I enjoyed the warmth and secure feeling my family gave me.Those were the days I just had to study and do minimal work at home.The expectations were mostly confined to studies.

However,as I enrolled for degree course,things changed.I opted a far away college and had to reside in the hostel.There were multiple personalities with  whom I had to interact with in the form of  classmates,room mates,hostel mates and their acquaintances.I realized that my world was growing bigger.Instead of staying inside my shell,I had to come out and interact.The timid and less enthusiastic side of me kept holding me back.Few of my learnings are as follows-

  •   Recreating a style

I came to meet mostly  talkative,outgoing and cheerful girls everywhere .They knew how to present themselves well in terms of appearance and communication.With heart warming smiles,properly modulated voice tones and a bit of personal grooming,some of them  stood out among the crowd.I seldom realized the impact that these attributes would bring upon one’s life .When internship days arrived,changes slowly started taking place.Now when I look back ,as a woman,I can definitely say that heart-warming smiles,properly modulated voice tones and a bit of personal grooming are some traits every woman should own.You needn’t ape the  ‘close-up’ ad smile or adorn the looks of your favourite TV star for that fabulous appeal.Recreate YOUR OWN STYLE.

  • Learning to be assertive

My pre-hostel life didn’t demand anything of this sort.However, college life, demanded being assertive as per the situation at hand.I had to shed away  fear,voice my opinions and speak things with clarity.Being a person of the not-so talkative kind,there were situations where I had to muster courage and speak out.Later on, only I realised proper communication is the key to all relationships. It is a vital tool in establishing rapport with everyone around you.

  • Being expressive

Expression is not limited to just views or perceptions on certain subjects. It encompasses showcasing one’s talents and abilities as and when required.I was reminded of staying proactive through participation in various academic as well as non-academic activities. I realised that as we move forward  to each stage of academic life, competition tightens in all fields. To attain a fairly good ‘internal score’ overall performance was being evaluated. Marks secured for the written exams alone,would’nt fetch one a good score at the end.

Of all the learnings I  imbibed during my college days,realizing the way to carry oneself, exuding confidence and cheerfulness as mentioned in the first point,turned to be a turning point. I wish every woman realizes this and adorn these wonderful jewels of grace and beauty.

– Benita

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