Strategy for happiness

As I was planning many promo activities for my second book, a friend asked, “so u have to do all this for sales and profit etc right? It’s good you have a strategy” and I thought for a while. Yes, there is a strategy, there is a series I am planning on #seedofmarriage. There are reviews, interviews, videos etc on all social media. But when I think deep, it’s a psychology. Do I do things that make me happy or successful? There is an ice berg beneath.. For everyone.

From childhood, study well to get good marks. Get good marks to get good job. Get good job to earn well. Be a good person for the society to appreciate you. Learn cooking to impress your mother in law. Dress well to impress the guy or girl. Be a role model to your younger siblings.
Every single act or behavior inculcated has a target in the back of our mind. And we continue this pattern. We are nice to our office people, that’s for stakeholder management. We ensure we influence on social media so it helps making us either famous in Facebook or pretty in Instagram or logical in Twitter or sensible in LinkedIn.

Wah.. As humans we don’t need to learn any strategy to be successful. The lessons have been taught right from our childhood. But happiness is a completely different zone.
Recall a happy thing you did in childhood. It might be playing in rain or fighting with your siblings or classroom dramas 🙂 and as you grow, happiness is felt via the hearty hug, the unexpected kiss, the self satisfaction after your presentation.. That is a feeling! Does it make a smile on your face? Oh, the best part is there is no futuristic goal to do anything on your happiness. You do it just because you are happy. You don’t care about the number of likes or comments, you don’t try to gain anything out of your actions because our heart intensely knows that success is possible when you plan, strategize and execute. Being happy is within! Its not controlled by others but by self. And that’s difficult.

I have seen some friends and folks around who always try to do things aiming on either growing up, or a promotion or networking or something. If you are one amongst them, dears, trust me, I was once there and it is not worth the hype given. Rather enjoy your life, go behind happiness not success.
Who labels one as silly and wise? As long it makes you happy and doesn’t trouble anyone, go for it. Clean the garden, paint something, sing aloud, play with kids, be truly friends with your colleagues, honestly admire people. You don’t have to worry that people will call you crazy or irresponsible or it will affect your profession or reduce the brownies on behavior. But it will release a lock that’s put inside your head and That happiness cannot be bought by any of the success you get by strategizing.

Yes, to be successful you need a strategy but don’t strategize everything in life. As the only strategy to happiness is.. Ha.. No strategy, just do what your heart says! Don’t aim for result! Live every moment!

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