Saree-gama Karishma cotton purple

Let me start by telling you the cost of this saree. It is a Rs 600 saree that mom got for me which has a rich purple colour and brilliant border with full mustard borders. The minute I saw the combo, I decided to go for a sleeveless and collared blouse. I stitched this blouse […]

Saree-gama Black Bestie

Black as a color itself, carries “style”. So, wearing anything black would naturally pep up your style. So, what is to be focussed is, how your ‘personal style’ can be flavored along with the black saree. In today’s Saree-gama post, I have taken a pure soft(est) cotton saree which is in black. It wraps and […]

Saree gama : Pom pom sarees

This beautiful soft cotton material is something that just made me fall in awe with the texture. My mom is my saree shopping partner, we discuss and discuss and research about every saree in length before buying. This saree is something I was very dicey about buying because of the pom poms. ” Mom, what […]