Cute Photo Story 33 : The little girl

They had a tired week. A week full of hectic work schedule and home full of relatives and formalities. All three of them were tired. They wanted to cheer the mood. Out of all the three, the mother was very exhausted and very much tired. They went around the park to lighten up and suddenly […]

Cute photo story #29 Smiles of hope 

Her little hardwork was gone, she tries her level best to save money for her son, but she is so unfortunate to be the wife of a drunkard who finds the money where ever it is placed. The evening when her money was lost, she knew her husband would come drunk that night. And it […]

GET READY LADY Interview Series: Pillar of the day 'Atul' talks about OneBigParty's Founder & Director

#book #workingmother #getreadylady #interview #workingwoman  GET READY LADY is a self help, motivational book for women joining work after a career break. For any successful working mother, her husband is the biggest support system ! Behind every such woman, there is an encouraging husband, who is able to live her passion together. GET READY to experience the #interviewseries as part […]

When I Was A Child

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’ And.. I am smiling as I read the title again ! “Ignorance is bliss” – yes those are the days when I never knew about Indian politics, I never knew about our family issues, I did not even know if its […]

The Lucky Me !

Do you have the below mentioned girls in your life ? Girl 1 : A little sister with whom you argue a lot, really lot. She says this is right and you scold her trying to prove she is wrong. She likes a dress and you say its yucky. You and she hit each other and fight. Yet, […]