Young blogger Shrishti , the multi-talented

Hi all,Have you heard about the children’s blogging academy called YBR? YBR mentions youngbloggersrule. This is a very fun group filled with the blogs written by the children of this academy. This academy started from 2017. So far around, 50 kids have commenced their blogging journey and reached several milestones. I joined this academy in […]

Happiness is an attitude

Life doesn’t differentiate happy people or sad people. Luck might be something that comes and goes. But being happy or sad is a choice we make. That’s the beauty of our species. What makes me write this is my future book to be on “GET READY TO BE HAPPY” , also in the “wanted list” […]

Black boxed Happiness

Hi Aditi, How are you doing? It’s been long since I heard from you. How is everything going on, work, family? Is your office still after that signal or did you change to the new building? Hope everyone at home is healthy and fine. I wanted to tell you something, my dear. So just thought […]

Abundance – A problem ?

One tiny house / villa, with a nice garden. Adequate space and neat natural environment around. A closer office, family with less options to disengage from family time, a simple life, where you can sit in the balcony, sipping on your tea, living the moment, inhaling happiness instead of pollution ! Oh! that true friend […]

Do Responsibilities cut our wings?

A very common lifestyle – a cycle that everyone goes through is having an innocent school life, galatta college life, be a freak, be crazy, play around, enjoy and also by the time career starts, we would have explored our wings – interests, talents, what one can offer the society or atleast a self-energizing hobby. […]

Cute photo story #29 Smiles of hope 

Her little hardwork was gone, she tries her level best to save money for her son, but she is so unfortunate to be the wife of a drunkard who finds the money where ever it is placed. The evening when her money was lost, she knew her husband would come drunk that night. And it […]

The hundred little flames of light

I logged in to indiblogger site after long time. And after 5 mins of browsing, I noticed this contest / drive and the title was very catchy #Ahundredlittleflames. It is a contest for the book recently published by Author Preeti Shenoy. The trailer was very impressive.  And here I am, recalling those little flames in […]