Friendly boss or Boss as a friend

A conversation over tea in office, where the topic of a colleague who always finds pride in saying she is friends with the boss, she hangs out to drink , dinner, party , shares stories etc with the manager. This made me ask, “do you want your boss as a friend?”. Immediately one of the […]

Mahabharata and Leadership

5 Seats of Power – The moment I read the title of this workshop, it jerked me a bit. Looks like some Parliament seat and political power. And the flyer of the workshop said, it is Leadership workshop. Then I paused for a minute and smiled. Yes, parliament has many leadership traits and few clash […]

Leadership : business, employees, development

Incident 1 : I met a friend yesterday where we discussed about his team. He said he needs his team to take charge of the business and infact the business needs them, as they are experts on their domains. The challenge is to be a leader who pleases all these different characters and motivate them […]

Simple Seven Tips : To be a supportive boss for working mothers in your team

“This is too much ! You can’t be biased on your team member ? If working mothers gets all such special attention, then what about the spinsters ? Bachelors ? Men? Aint we supposed to get a supportive boss too ? ” – this might be your question too. Trust me, working mothers are different […]