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Social media users

The last generation of humans born when social media wasn’t there but now dwelling inside one is we… Gen X. Generations who are born and brought up with social media have a different view. It’s like washing machine and television for the 80s and 90s kids. Casual, normal and no big hungama about it. But, those who are not born with it and later social media became a big christmas gift which we are trying to adapat find social media as this strange gadget, sometimes nice to have, sometimes scared to have, sometimes can’t stay without it etc. On an average, I have marked them into 5 categories, (no offense, read with a light heart) If someone pops up in your mind, oh yeah, give that wicked laughter 😉
1. Account opened : These are group of people who have opened a Facebook or insta or Twitter account just because the society demands and it was a peer pressure. Now a days, even in many resumes and online forms, they ask for social media profile name. So, they basically create an account and vanish away. They are peaceful in a way, not much aware and staying as ignorance is bliss concept!  Also, when they have to discuss on this topic, they can switch between “oh yes, i am on social media” / “I just have an account ya, not much there” – this can be based on the folks who are part of their conversation. What a wise owl they are!

2. Active reader : The most actively engaged, ‘always online’ category. They do not posts more, rather nothing but they read the news feed and updates every few minutes. They ponder upon everyone’s posts but never clicks the like button or share their comment back. Their hunger gets filled reading others yet they always feel that they are on the safer side as they think they have updates on everyone’s life but their life remains closer. They are also proud about this maturity they have. Look at him and her – sharing everything about their life. I never show my life out (Boss, don’t assume what you see on news feed is only happening on their lives). Such a fishy fox.

3. Active activist : They are group of people who are kind of obsessed with social media and honestly they enjoy this era. So, they don’t mind using all the features and apps there. They feel excited posting “feeling fresh after brushing today”, their photo gallery will have 100 pictures in each album and they don’t care. They use all the games tagged, join the groups. Those who like the pics, they cuddle them in their comments, those who don’t, they don’t bother. They might be aware about privacy issues and safety in social media, but the joy of sharing their happy moments and being their own brand ambassador gives them a high. Such a dolly dinosaurs, flaunting around!

4. Social service : Now there are group of folks on social media, who are suddenly patriotic, kind and helpful on social media. They have their social media account to share their views on political news, child missing, blood group required, donation camps and save the world from pollution and posts on go green etc. I wish they are this kind and does something meaningful in real Life too. I don’t say they don’t do.. I just say, I wish 🙂 those visionary vultures!

5. Judgemental analyst : If someone doesn’t fall into the above 4 categories, they can be tagged here. Even if they fall into one of the above, still they might also sub tag themselves in this category. They try to keep themselves balanced, like once in a while likes and comment. Rarely some posts, but they also spend their time on social media to form opinions about people. They are rich source of advice on what mistake you make on social media. Sit with them for a tea chat and bring this topic, they will submit a detailed analysis report on people’s life. But, trust me, they should ideally thank the other categories for entertaining them. They are also good in easy judgements like, oh he is a pervert, look at the groups he is in, she is mad, look at her open Comments on social media. Eeww, their childhood ambition might have been becoming a detective which they fulfill now. Pokey giraffe!

Oops, that was too much, nick naming the categories here. But remember, I also fall into one of these, my family and friends I love also belong. This is just the generation hungama. The millennials and even Gen present generation is growing up with those maturity or maybe social media is becoming an integral part of their life, they are dealing with it better. There will be great changes at a bigger rate. And the curiosity is what next!
But let us, the Gen X not complicate this new toy we have in hand. Let us use it in whatever way it eases us, it fits us. But let’s not throw stones at each other and make a mess. We notice people passing comments on those who don’t post, those who post often, those who tag many, those who share forwards. Let them do whatever they want. If you can’t take it, there is always an ‘unfriend’ button.
Be an owl, dinosaur, fox, vulture, giraffe as you wish but do not disturb the other categories and let people deal with their lives, love and mess! Let us just adore what we have in hand! 🙂