ARUNACHAL PRADESH: AN UNEXPLORED DESTINATION WORTH TO EXCITE FOR Feeling bored and stuck with your daily routine! Does planning an exciting trip makes you crazier!! Arunachal Pradesh fetches you with the best relaxation. This Orchid State of India attracts tourists with th e alluring beauty of Himalayas. Arunachal is bordered with Bhutan, China, and Myanmar […]

I wish.. I always wish.. 

 Sometimes I wish I was born in a generation which was blended with nature and not technology. I wish I wake up with the sound of a bird chirping me that the sun’s rays have kissed the sleeping world and time for us to wake up. I wish the first thing I see outside my […]

Let it Go ! Its also LOVE

 After that busy week, Friday evening I ran home “no mobiles, no calls, it is only with him” – I was determined. As I entered, he was ready wearing his gloves, with his cricket bat and ball, ready to play. I asked him, come soon dear, mom wants to play with u. “Its Fridayyy mom, Me […]

Cute story #23 From diaper bag to camera bag

The last time they came to this river, was thirteen years back. The place had denser trees, water flow was flourishing and a treat to eyes. Their little girl kept their focus totally on her. Mom had to run behind her – feeding , water bottle filling, her nap time, telling her stories . Vacation […]