Eating habits vs Five senses

The vision mission, life’s ambition for every mother is to feed her child to the best satisfactory way. Let me tell you two top secrets about this mother’s ambition 1. The age of the child doesn’t matter, a mother will always want her child to “beta, aur thoda please… “. While I try to reduce […]

The big stage 

Yes ! “I want to be the winner on the big stage “.. Anyone who does anything out of passion and received acknowledgment feels they should shine on the big stage. Most of us do not reach that dream and hence we want our kids to reach the big stage. Music : he should become […]

The Lucky Me !

Do you have the below mentioned girls in your life ? Girl 1 : A little sister with whom you argue a lot, really lot. She says this is right and you scold her trying to prove she is wrong. She likes a dress and you say its yucky. You and she hit each other and fight. Yet, […]