Eating habits vs Five senses

The vision mission, life’s ambition for every mother is to feed her child to the best satisfactory way. Let me tell you two top secrets about this mother’s ambition 1. The age of the child doesn’t matter, a mother will always want her child to “beta, aur thoda please… “. While I try to reduce […]

Deepavali the tradition 

Lots of festivals lots of cultures, everyone has our own tradition.. What does these festival times convey? What’s the longer effect of such celebrations? It’s not just the day and a formality.. Festive season gives a sense of belongingness, a securedness, a nostalgia too, this applies to all religions, states, countries too..  Diwali is one […]

Women power or Gender stereotype? 

This blog is post Navarathri effect I would say. Three incidents that triggered my thought process to write this blog I was conducting a session for young working girls on future aspirations, work and life. While I asked a question “how many of u believe in women power” everyone proudly raised their hands Except one. […]

Cute photo story #25 : Mother and child 

Motherhood is a bliss , from being a little girl , she became a woman , with lots of responsibilities. And once she became a mother, her kids are her life, their favourite food for breakfast is more important than her morning sleep. She can skip her best friend’s wedding to help her little one […]

Simple Seven tips : Love life after kids

I know a couple so well,they are love marriage couple. The guy was in a different college, he used to bunk classes, go behind her to her college, through her way back home, he used to create memories with her, write poems for her , waits for her one second looks and finally she said […]

Cute Photo Story #5 The family tree

Uncle stood for a solo pic before the tree and asked his son to click. “Dad .. This is the most boring background you can choose ” , grumbled his son. “This is such a dead tree with no leaves, only branches, come that side near the lawn, full of green”, he said. Uncle gave […]

Thank MEN on Women's day !

Womanhood is special ! A working woman is not called successful, a stay at home mom is not called successful, a mother doing everything for her kids is not called successful, a wife  who keeps caring for her husband is not called successful, a lady who pursues is not called successful, a girl who chases […]

The big stage 

Yes ! “I want to be the winner on the big stage “.. Anyone who does anything out of passion and received acknowledgment feels they should shine on the big stage. Most of us do not reach that dream and hence we want our kids to reach the big stage. Music : he should become […]

The Lucky Me !

Do you have the below mentioned girls in your life ? Girl 1 : A little sister with whom you argue a lot, really lot. She says this is right and you scold her trying to prove she is wrong. She likes a dress and you say its yucky. You and she hit each other and fight. Yet, […]