Photo story 34 : The hero

He was bored, he wanted to be heroic. That’s mostly understandable with teens and their harmones. He bunked the classes and was escaping off to the beach side walk. Who will tolerate the annoying attitude of their chemistry teacher ? Why should he put up with the free advice shared by the English sir ? […]

Cute Photo Story 33 : The little girl

They had a tired week. A week full of hectic work schedule and home full of relatives and formalities. All three of them were tired. They wanted to cheer the mood. Out of all the three, the mother was very exhausted and very much tired. They went around the park to lighten up and suddenly […]

Cute photo story #25 : Mother and child 

Motherhood is a bliss , from being a little girl , she became a woman , with lots of responsibilities. And once she became a mother, her kids are her life, their favourite food for breakfast is more important than her morning sleep. She can skip her best friend’s wedding to help her little one […]

Cute story #23 From diaper bag to camera bag

The last time they came to this river, was thirteen years back. The place had denser trees, water flow was flourishing and a treat to eyes. Their little girl kept their focus totally on her. Mom had to run behind her – feeding , water bottle filling, her nap time, telling her stories . Vacation […]

Cute Photo Story #20 Her happy playtime

Preet adores her little girl Sanju. The little one is the happy princess of her brilliant queen mommy. And every evening, what is MUST-TO-DO in Preet’s agenda is, to take her girl to her favourite play area. That evening too – she admired her cutie pie playing happily in the play area. “Look at her […]

Cute photo story #15 The pain

The sun was setting with such elegance and power. The clouds were waving their goodbye to the Sun. A beautiful wave just enhanced the scenery by running fast and white to the beachside. While everyone there were mesmerised by the perfect timing and nature’s beauty, only one heart was beating with pain, two eyes were […]

Cute Photo Story #14 The Royal mother's kiss

She lifted him in her arms the first time and he smiled , the cutest baby smile she has ever received.She kissed on his forehead expressing her mother’s love. The first time he tried to stand by himself , she just turned back from her chair, noticed this zig zag dancing standing position of her […]

Cute photo story #13 Can men be beautiful ?

Mitra was in high school. Prerna , her best friend was very disturbed after the English class, where the teacher pointed a mistake she wrote. She had mentioned, “that man was beautiful”. “Prerna, beautiful is a word coined to describe beautiful, because it is a composition of love, affection, elegance, pride and being pretty. Men are […]

Cute Photo Story #12 Ushhh !!!!

Seeing the statue, the little girl ran nearby and stood asking her dad to click a pic. “Give some pose dear”, said daddy, all ready with his camera. “Hmm.. well, what is he doing ?”, little madam queried more details. “His job is to lift the globe, and he is busy with his work, thats […]