Happiness is an attitude

Life doesn’t differentiate happy people or sad people. Luck might be something that comes and goes. But being happy or sad is a choice we make. That’s the beauty of our species. What makes me write this is my future book to be on “GET READY TO BE HAPPY” , also in the “wanted list” […]

What is your share to the New Beginning

Did you hear about the hashtag #NewBeginning ? We have started accepting the changes to our lives and society post Corona and this is called as a New Beginning. I am a person who introspects and grows with the results. Three important incidents that has triggered me to bring this blog to you readers. 1.This […]

Where is your share of positivity?

“Positivity” “Happiness” “Optimism” – Some words that are synonymous in thedictionary, some synonymous in common parlance. Somehow in today’s worldthere is a relative scarcity of optimism. Why relative, you ask?We live in times when we have everything at the tip of our fingers. Entertainment when we want it, food delivered to our doorsteps, education such […]

Necessity : Mother of INVENTION & Self Discovery

I am going to wear a lens and see the current scenario differently. There are multiple online workshops / video challenges that are happening now. “I never had time to organise my kitchen loft, I always wanted to plan regular gardening, our team wanted to prepare a detailed document on XYZ but we never could prioritise […]

The secret of energy

“How are you just so energetic Narmadha? You appear fresh and recharged always , I feel jealous. Won’t you ever get tired or old?” – These are compliments that I carry on my invisible tiara with happiness. But I always wondered, is it true ? Back home, I am this lazy fellow who sits in […]

Why to be passionate

So something triggers every writing. And this time, the “don’t know why but I am irritated” feeling for almost a week. And also a dear friend said she would come over home last weekend so we could discuss about my upcoming book. I said I have household chores and somehow couldn’t make it. Yesterday we […]

Cute photo story #29 Smiles of hope 

Her little hardwork was gone, she tries her level best to save money for her son, but she is so unfortunate to be the wife of a drunkard who finds the money where ever it is placed. The evening when her money was lost, she knew her husband would come drunk that night. And it […]