Happiness is an attitude

Life doesn’t differentiate happy people or sad people. Luck might be something that comes and goes. But being happy or sad is a choice we make. That’s the beauty of our species. What makes me write this is my future book to be on “GET READY TO BE HAPPY” , also in the “wanted list” […]

An outing of fun and nature with no expense 

“What? How is this possible being in Bangalore? Where can we enjoy without spending a penny? ” is that what’s going on in your mind too?  One dinner conversation when me and hubby were talking about parenting, we spoke on list of childhood experiences our kids are missing that we have as previous memories. So […]

Charlie Chaplin – Children's day special

My father had showed me many of Charlie Chaplin’s movies and shows during my childhood. While I always laughed and enjoyed, I also wondered why this man takes so much effort to make others laugh ? What is he earning by that ? As I grew older, I started reading his quotes and his passion […]