Saree-gama Deepam look

From Durga Pooja, then Diwali and now Karthigai Deepam, every festival is also an excitement to wear the traditional and carry festive looks for us. For deepam, I tried this saree, which is a silky georgette ,this was bought in 2015 when pink and orange combo was the trend. This material is a highlight as […]

Saree-gama rich red saree

My previous post was a very elegant mild light blue silk saree and today’s post is going to be a total contrasting choice of rich red color silk saree which is so charming by the design and attractive zigzag golden lines. And this saree is a gift from one of my mentors who appreciated my […]

Saree-gama festive looks

It’s just the season of Diwali, Karthikai Pooja and the excitement of wearing new dresses, traditional attire is a very enthralling element of the festive season. Dark Colors or light Colors? Contrast blouse or readymade ones? Stone jewellery or gold jewellery? Simple or grand looks ? The confusion and decision making is quite an important […]

Saree-gama grandmother’s saree

Usually festive season is also a shopping season. But this 2020’s festive season, I thought of making it special by choosing to wear my grandmother’s saree ( which she was wearing for my parent’s wedding ) wow a 4 decade old saree.. And I miss her a lot, so this saree gives a wonderful feel […]