The stress on dresscode

Deepa’s biggest nightmare was to wear saree. As she lay awake on her bed that day, she recollected all her encounters with a saree. It was always painful. She wondered why people love sarees. Though she accepts it as one of the traditional wears, she didn’t like wearing one. Just that she was not comfortable. […]

Raw Movies are Responsible

Hey guys, I am sorry, for going to be a very old fashioned, boring person who sounds stupid and might over react for either small stuffs or awesome stuffs according to you. But, this is a blog from a simple citizen of 2019, who is also a parent adoring the fact that the next generation […]

Safety in the society

Every woman has crossed this moment in her life.. It might be verbal abuse, physical, or just the looks, or just the fear of what if the abuse happens. Every single woman at some point on time.. Maybe school, college, after marriage, workplace, in her tens, twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, few months before she dies […]

Social media users

The last generation of humans born when social media wasn’t there but now dwelling inside one is we… Gen X. Generations who are born and brought up with social media have a different view. It’s like washing machine and television for the 80s and 90s kids. Casual, normal and no big hungama about it. But, […]

Cute Photo Story #11 The happy bunny rabbit

In a shopping mall, a week back, these two adorable kids and many other kids got scared of a man with horrible teeth. Their mother told, “if you eat so many chocolates, you will also get this kind of teeth”. He could not cry in public. Only the bathroom mirror knew his tears. But, today […]

Feel free to smoke…

I am not someone here to write a blog advising an adult how smoking affects individual blah blah.. It is upto a grown up to decide and have freedom of their personal habits. So, feel free to smoke.. BUT… Do not smoke in public places or trouble other’s health. Last evening, when I was waiting in […]