Acceptance : A myth

A 5 year old little came running with curious eyes to her dad, “daddy! I want to make a new sand castle”. And the dad feels so glad, he dreams of his little princess becoming an architect with the kind of interest she showcases on building different types of castles. The same girl becomes 15 […]

Simple seven tips : Managing passion, priorities and time

When I introduce as a blogger, author, working mother, standup comedian, dancer, motivational speaker, people usually ask me “where do you have time?” sometimes I wonder too. Because back home, I am a lazy person who loves to ly down on my swing and my husband has to insist me atleast 5 times to get […]

Can we please celebrate women's day in a better way!

I am sure, just like me all of you would have started receiving and forwarding women’s day messages. And cheers to the shopping industry, they make the best profit in this season. I am sorry if I sound rude, but I get annoyed seeing the messages that say, cheers to women, we have so many […]

Why to be passionate

So something triggers every writing. And this time, the “don’t know why but I am irritated” feeling for almost a week. And also a dear friend said she would come over home last weekend so we could discuss about my upcoming book. I said I have household chores and somehow couldn’t make it. Yesterday we […]

The art of loving to cook

Important disclaimer : This blog is not about me 😀 Yeah, I do love to cook, I do enjoy cooking, but I really really envy this lady for her passion and art of cooking.  I have a friend, well a Punjabi now a Malayali , whom I met as a Hyderabadi. Oh she is in […]