Friendly boss or Boss as a friend

A conversation over tea in office, where the topic of a colleague who always finds pride in saying she is friends with the boss, she hangs out to drink , dinner, party , shares stories etc with the manager. This made me ask, “do you want your boss as a friend?”. Immediately one of the […]

Friendship or Professionalism? 

I had an interesting conversation with few colleagues and also few friends who are not colleagues about this topic.  Have classified them into 7 scenarios or characteristics..  One of my very jovial friend, she said she doesn’t even have a single friend at office, she doesn’t take an effort to bring the other side of […]

End of the Day

EOD, short form or commonly used term for end of the day especially at office is a very interesting perspective. Some of them are very particular about 9 am to 6 pm. So 6 pm becomes their default end of day. In few cases, we have employees who prepare their to do list in the […]

Photo story #26 TEAM 

They were lamps, made from steel, iron or molded from clays. Different lamps from different places, their purpose might be different, the reason they reached the temple might be different. Their prayer might be different.  Few lamps might feel odd in the group, few might not be as bright as the rest.  The beauty is […]

Mode of Communication

Communication is a key thing for every relationship, intact it is also one key factor that gives an opinion about you. ‘She is a sweet person, she is arrogant, he is intelligent, he is such a flirt’ – all these titles you get are based on how to communicate. While I am not here to […]

A man's career

It is almost an un-documented fact that the man in the family has to work to earn for living. The woman in the family need / need not work, based on the family’s financial needs and her interest. But, her work is to take care of the family – from cooking till cleaning. That is […]