Thank MEN on Women's day !

Womanhood is special ! A working woman is not called successful, a stay at home mom is not called successful, a mother doing everything for her kids is not called successful, a wife  who keeps caring for her husband is not called successful, a lady who pursues is not called successful, a girl who chases her exams is not called successful .
Yes ! We are not called “successful” with the adjectives we carry. We are Women, there is no failure in our dictionary. We know when to prioritise what. We know when to slap and when to clap. We are as elegant as a dove and as aggressive as a tigress. This makes us successful. We are the pride of the Earth.
Having said all these, dont you agree that the biggest pillar of women are the other gender “men”?
The first hug from your father gave  your “first secured feel” to proceed your life. He is your first hero for ever…
Brothers are unpaid and unsung  bodyguards for us always. While you have enjoyed cycling, chatting with your friends on road, your brother is the one who silently comes few steps behind, to ensure on your safety.
Your male teachers, friend’s father, neighbourhood uncles – haven’t you seen those supportive eyes during your childhood ?
Those teenage little mush heroes who proposed you during school days, aint they the ones who made you feel like a heroine ? Though it was annoying mostly, deep inside you felt a pride with your sense of beauty.
Next comes the best friend role : blessed are those girls who have a male best friend, you have freedom to share stupid stuffs yet with no hidden feelings and he is the one who gives best suggestions for your problems.
Your better half – The life you live is designed by both of you, he has his contribution in every smile of yours, every pride of yours, every step of yours.
Your father in law, brother in law, again a pillar of support in new phase of your life.
Your colleagues – how many of the working women have experienced #sharetheload from your male colleagues during personal critical times ?
Son : Your hero created by you. Its a special bonding, personal bonding between a mom and son.
Son in law : Secret hero whom you admire for putting up with your daughter
Grandson : Your loveable boss of life..
While we love receiving gifts, while we love celebrating all days, while we love to gossip and talk, while we love to explore new things, this other gender remains silent : they never fight for not celebrating men’s day bigger, they never crib for not giving them gifts, they never complain us for capturing their bachelor life. Sometimes silence does all the magic isn’t it ? This silent gender gives way for us to enjoy our life and celebrate womanhood.  Take a minute to thank these men in your life who are real heroes behind you feeling special and celebrating women’s day.
Oh yes, those who dont understand and respect womanhood – biggest thanks to them as they are the ones who are making us stronger day by day, who are making us bolder and braver , who are making us feel that we are the best ! The more they trouble us, the best fighter we become, Thanks for making us realise our strengths.
Hearty Thank to all men, for saluting womanhood , for making us feel special, for giving us this smile ! 🙂
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