The angry mother nature

I had told my kids not to throw away toys after playing. I had always highlighted the value of money and not to waste their stuffs. As usual, one evening I saw every toy spread and their room messy. I lost my temper. Gave a bad dosage couple of beatings too. My little kids got scared, they got terrified to see their mom being so cruel. They cried and wept and slept sadly.

Next morning I woke them up with kisses and cooked their favorite food and took them to their favorite garden. Made sure I conveyed how much I loved them and most importantly to make them feel happy and secured again…


When football world cup started, we used to exchange messages with friends who love football, but when a contact in my phone was from Kerala, by default he/she is a football lover. The way they celebrated the world cup with their traditional uriyadi music was amazing.

Kerala is a beautiful state isn’t it.. She is like the youngest sister in the big family who is cute and very pretty, rich and elegant. Onam is in a week.. I remember the last year celebrations around..

Why is Mother Kerala suddenly angry losing her temper?


Last week during a chat with friends, we started talking about which state women are prettiest in India. There was a key debate while one guy said, have u seen Coorg women in their traditional attire, all graceful and happy smiles… Everyone echoed. I have a colleague who is from that beautiful hillstation. She is very pretty, simple, kind and humble just like her mother Coorg.

The land slide in Coorg.. The video of entire building sliding down.. Giving such shock and scary moment..


While it is depressing to face such terrible moments, while mother nature takes the hard way of teaches us lessons and values of life.. Dears, the mother will calm down and come back caressing.

I just saw the pic of Navy saving life of a pregnant woman in Kerala who gave birth to a beautiful girl, the innocent face of hope.

Let’s be strong, let us learn our lesson, let us not give up on the rays of hope. Let us scare people with forwards of fear, rather let us show support in action. Let us be united, holding hands, wiping tears, but not giving up on our Mother Nature…

Take care Kerala and Coorg… Prayers and support with you…

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