The Elegant Indian Skin Tone !

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Indian Skin tone” ? Do you feel its not a fair skin, little darker tone etc ?
I feel like a silky, liquid caramel chocolate. Thats the speciality of our land’s authentic skin colour. Right from childhood, we grow up in a surrounding where we are asked to apply powder and have facials to show ourselves fair, fairer. But, I was surprised and felt awesome listening to an interview by the great South Indian director Balumahindra , where he mentioned that he would choose his heroes and heroines with natural Indian colour as they have the excellent features required for the screen presence. This interview gave a major opinion change for me and took my unnecessary  inferiority complex out.
I developed more interest and started researching more on these skins tones.
IMG_1402A short scientific explanation : Basically, skin tones are formed accordingly to geography. Asian have wheatish skin tone, Africans darker and North European fairer, which is based on the UV rays of those region and the pigment required to absorb the same.
Moral :  It is best and healthy to have respective skin tones for those regions. Infact that is why scientifically, fair skinned Indians are prone to cancer and other diseases easily. So, God’s design has this chocolate skin for us,  Asian.
A little history : To my surprise, do you know when did this admiration / superiority feel for fair skin started in our country ? All major countries (Mughal and British) who ruled India were white skinned people and they called us dark slaves. These were a start to discrimination. Even after  Independence , a sad truth is that discrimination is one of the bad effect we took from them.
Okay, let me stop the technical details and get back to the mode of admiring this elegant skin tone.
Few speciality of Indian skin tone :freidaskincolor1

  • Beauty of eyes are well expressed
  • Black hair with wheat skin is a lovely blend and pleasant for eyes
  • Pimples or skin rashes are secretive and are not visible so easily
  • Wheatish skin more attractive than fair skin
  • Most wheat complexion people have best photogenic face
  • For women, the hair on hands and legs are not so odd looking
  • Wheat skin, sharp nose, curly long hair and a smile. OMG ! how pretty and poetic !

I just loved this article where the author speaks about how graceful we are! and also classifies each skin tone and the features. Wheatish skin
Yes ! When a mother delivers a baby, the first question from 90% of people around would be “Is the baby fair ?” Any mother would be happier if the question is “Is the baby born healthily ? What is the birth weight? ” which only 10% ask.
20131227_153037Me and my son have same skin tone, I just admire this pic of my little hero when he was 4 yrs old hero. The sand spread on the perfect Indian skin tone gives such a handsome look.
I am determined ! I have to teach my kids to be proud of the original birth colour, to teach them self esteem for their raw skin, to make them , to make them pose happily without external make up !
Lets learn to admire the most elegant skin tone ! Let us make the future generations to appreciate this nature ! Feel proud !

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  1. Mumtaz Bharwani 😇: Narmada research on skin tone …interesting topic…was wondering does the color of the skin even matter where skills and caliber takes the front seat. Its each one’s grace for themselves I feel that matters. thanks for sharing dear.

  2. Beautiful Article.
    This color shaming must stop and kids must be taught to give talents and skills more emphasis over skin color or looks. I have also started a Facebook page and campaign called “Color Brave”. Please do visit it so that we can exchange our thoughts and educate the world about colorism.

    • Sure Puja, thanks for sharing details on your fb page. Will connect with you there

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