The Fear The Curse

Last week while myself and hubby were driving back to Bangalore, our car got an issue and we were stuck in a forest area, around 6 PM, where there was no street lights, monkeys around and NH road.  We spoke to Chevrolet showroom , which was 45 kms away and they were very proactive. Though it was a Sunday, they immediately arranged a tow vehicle. However it took some time to figure out options and get it finalised. As we were waiting that dark night, highways patrol jeep came with bunch of police men , enquiring, they shared their contact number in case we need help. Then few lorry guys stopped by, checking with my husband and suggesting options. Another local tow vehicle guy came and asked if we want his help to reach quicker to a different local service center. I was just sitting inside the car. Finally, as per our arrangement, two men came around 10PM with the tow vehicle and then they said we cannot sit inside the car as it will be lifted. Being a remote area, we did not get any transport at that time, so the tow vehicle guys took us in the car, tried their level best, driving slow and balancing. We reached Chevrolet service center Salem by 12 AM and the security guards there were very kind, helping us to sort it, good hospitality knowing the kind of emotions we were in. Then an auto guy took us to a relative’s place safe and dropped us around 1 AM. Thanks to all those men, who really were best and humans.
NOW ! The real emotions

The story looks like something that got managed, yes ! However, the emotions which we went through was not as easy and smooth as above. The moment car got stopped in NH, we took some time to understand that we are in a helpless situation. And by the time we realized that , it was dark. Every pair of eyes which came to enquire, which came to help, which came to suggest, the moment they looked inside the car. I was sitting, pinching my nails, scared to death, keeping myself stiff . I prayed to every God that those pair of eyes should just go away. And they did. One group of men, who came to help were even drunk. I almost thought that will be the last day in my life and I did not want such a type of end.  the-fear-640x380-770x450Still they just checked on the issue, noticed who is in the car, then left. The tow guys stopped in between for a tea and smoke. It was around 11 PM some remote area again. That was another moment I almost imagined everything worst possible and just almost died. My husband was also on similar fear, he was trying to keep me strong yet he was worried himself too. He kept pushing people away whenever they came for help. His looks each time when he saw me was, “nothing ma, u will be safe” at the same time , “i need to keep her safe” was his fear evidently visible.
Thank God everything ended well. I reached back to my kids .. That was an emotional moment !
Later, when I kept sharing this whole episode to every friend, I actually realized, we had got every best support, except the car issue, everything was well managed. Did I overreact ? No ! each and every female friend of mine could relate to the fear ! The fear of death, The fear of this gender ! It was the stress created by the society. The curse for women ! Everyone can say and talk to be bold, to be feminist, to be the strongest ! But, when in such helpless situations, you will experience the ACTUAL fear ! Doesn’t matter rich or poor, doesn’t matter if you are modern or traditional, dressed full or half, fair or dark, fresh or tired. Doesn’t even matter if you are a small girl or an old lady. That FEAR made me feel the real curse of being a woman. I am stuck thinking of how such emotions can change ? How can we actually become equal to men ? ………

Only hope : Grow your sons as better men ! I wish after 20 years , such situations must not make the female gender panic.


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