The first hug

I don’t remember how, when and all.. might be immediately  after I was born or few hours later… But I can recollect the feel of it, the warmth, the first secured feeling, my father’s first hug to me. He would have held me so safe and carefully holding my neck and body with his both hands, he would have smiled at me so happily making me feel the most special , he would have brought me close to his heart and kissed on my forehead , I would have felt that warmth in that kiss. All those nine months inside my mother’s womb I had only heard his voice talking and singing to me, that first moment he held me in his hands and touched me , that was the first hug, “Secured” to proceed my life on this Earth, a confident hug that “I am there for you my princess”.

Hands: dad and daughter

We appreciate motherhood a lot, yes motherhood is divinely ! I want to share my feeling on fatherhood, my father – the man who created me, my first hero ! He has stood in long queues to get that popcorn for me, he has managed to carry me on his shoulders and run in that crowd to get the first seat in bus so that I can be comfortable, he has lifted me up and up maximum possible so that I can see the Goddess statue and pray nicely in temple.
Mom has a choice – between home or work, between friends or family, between mother’s family or husband’s family . And yes my mom made the best choices in all options. Father doesn’t even opt for a choice, he works for their family and he takes care of mom and daughter like the queen and princess.
There are bundles of super memories with daddy, let me gather couple of them to pen down here

  1. New place new school Joined 1st std in St Joseph’s matric school. I was crying I remember, Assembly was going on and my eyes were searching for my father. I saw him through the small gap of the gate which was half open. He kept seeing me , showing some action to motivate me, and somehow mesmerised me to stop crying. Once I stopped crying, I still remember the happiness and satisfaction on his face with which he left back to his office.
  2. father-and-daughterWhen I score 100 out of 100 in maths, I run to the corner of the street waiting for my dad to come, once I see him coming, I shouted and jumped aloud about the score, and he lifted me , threw me up on the air twice and then carried me till home, entire people at my street witnessing this lovely scene happily 🙂 Oh yes I was around seventh std then 😛

Dad and daughter moments :

  1. Mom slaps me , I cry she cries and next minute we cuddle together. Dad doesn’t slap me easily.But, if his forehead shows a little bit of frown, I always have felt more painful. Once dad got angry for one of my mischievous act and did not talk to me, I weeped and dozed off at night. (actually acted like sleeping ) Then dad took me on his lap and pat my back, kissed my forehead telling “why do u do such naughty things ? Its hard for appa to get so angry on u da anna” thinking that I was sleeping. I winked and answered “then dont get angry on me appa” and we all burst into laughtr 🙂
  2. IMG_2114Mom was working at a distant place so she left home around 6 AM daily. It was me and dad who will get ready. Dad and me exploring how to tie my hair, it will fall each time and dad (who was born only with boy sibling)  will try his technique each time. We had many flops but it was so much fun. A very similar kind of experience, when I delivered my first child, my mom did not get long leave , so my dad took one month of leave to take care of me with my ne
    w born. Once the baby cries, I will be waiting to see the reaction of my dad, his whole body will shake he will get tensed and sweat and run to lift my baby from cradle and give me. Post feeding, he will be waiting with water for me to drink, he will burp my baby and struggle to change those diapers, Ah ! isn’t it similar to our “getting ready times” 🙂

The only thing I miss by growing up is my dad’s cuddles. Waiting for him every evening to return back from office… That spark in both our eyes to hug each other… As I grew up, there came many moments where I did stupid mistakes , overtime I fear if dad will hate me or get angry on me or move away from me.. Every time, he came back to me seeing me as his same little girl.

  • I could have scored 4 marks extra in tenth std so that my father would have saved 25,000 Rs which he paid as donation to that school.
  • I could have got placed in the first company where I attended interview so that my father did not get disappointed to see that I failed thrice during interviews.
  • I could have given my dad the choice to choose my better half, though he is happy about my man. That moment when I told him about my love life and when he was totally upset, without a second thought I cried “Dad, you are my first hero, I will always follow what you say” – And dad I mean it still !!
  • I could have not troubled dad by complaining about those silly fights with mom, so that his day doesn’t get tensed.

While I did all those blunders , I will get scared “what if daddy stops pampering me after this ? ” and he always comes back kissing my forehead and giving me the same warmth of that first hug ! Again, I get the secured confidence to proceed life and take care of my independent family ! Love you dad!!! My first hero…
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I have also created a scrapbook for daddy , click here to view the video !

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