Hello readers! I hope you’re doing fine if not, just hang in there and believe that this too shall pass. So, have you all heard people say “I want to fly free as a bird”? I’m very sure you would have heard this saying somehow or the other at least once in your life. As a kid even I wanted be fly free as a bird without thinking of anything and being an independent person who loves herself.

I have always wanted to be self-sufficient and I don’t want to rely on others for my own life’s decisions. Things don’t always happen as you wish and especially if you’re born in India, you just have to forget it and let it disappear in the thin air. Independent is a word of struggle right from our freedom movement until now and especially if you’re a girl in India. I’ve always hated their narrow-minded vision as they always belittle girls. I love traveling but if you’re a girl and you want to travel alone it isn’t easy. Even if my parents allow me to do it, there’ll be people around my parents who would feed in negative thoughts and the result will be “it’s not safe for you to travel alone because you never know what happens”. I’ve always had a burning agony towards this. Why it isn’t safe? Why can’t they teach their sons to see a girl as a human being instead of an object they want to play with? If not for these I’m sure there’ll be so many women achieving their dreams with flying colors. Recently, I came across a piece of news saying “Man stabs wife to death in broad daylight at Delhi as she wanted to pursue the job she wanted to”. Isn’t this ridiculous?!! Dreams are for everyone. As Abdul Kalam said, dream, dream, dream until your dream comes true. I’m sure his heart would have broken after hearing this news. Numerous dreams of women in this nation are being stabbed to death and there are none to ask justice for.

Contemplating how many women would have felt devasted after seeing that video. I was too because I’ve always wanted to dream and I have always wanted that to happen but seeing scenarios like this in my nation where the constitution has given the right to freedom of speech and the right to equality but none want their child or wife to pursue it is making me feel numb. I have always loved wearing western clothes but then there’s always a million eyes staring at us if we wear those but then the funny part is, it doesn’t matter if you are wearing a western clothe or a burka you’ll always be seen as an object in front of so many horny jerks out there in our society who must be taught values of life and how they should treat a woman.

Never-ending rape cases, judging girls on how they talk, what they wear, how they look, commenting on their attitude all of this is just making the dreams of so many women just forget what they are dreaming. Breaking stereotypes is not an easy task of so you do, you’ll be labeled as a “slut”. I’ve always imagined what it is like to be a man in times like when society says – don’t do this you’re a girl, don’t wear this the boys wi stare, don’t post your pictures on social media because you’re a girl who knows, your picture might get morphed by a jerk who’s horny all the time. Everyone has the right to dream, to make their ambition true, and to live like a free bird without any restrictions. Limiting it just because she’s a girl is not a fair thing to do. Let your daughter’s fly like a bird, teach your son’s to see them as a human being and not as an object. I’d say the lack of sex education is the root cause for all this chaos in our society. Biology teachers asking the boys to shift classrooms just for the lesson of reproduction and holding special lectures just for girls regarding the menstrual cycle is not the correct way of educating. Only if they know the real pain behind what a girl goes through all her life they’ll start respecting her as a human being.

Flying free as a bird might be a normal saying for you but it’s a dream for numerous women out there whose dreams are shattered, limited to a particular age limit and gender. If you’re reading this, I want you to follow your dreams, break the stereotypes and support every woman at your home because they have the right to dream too even if they are aged because dreams are the same to everyone and everyone deserves a chance to make their dreams come true. Be the person who follows your dream and make others follow their dreams and make sure to fly as free as a bird. I hope this blog was thought-provoking. Hoping to see the change in your actions. Until then happy reading, stay safe and be happy always!

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