Hello readers! Today’s topic is a bit different from the others I’ve written aren’t you excited to read about it? FRIENDS!! A very important relationship when we’re entering our teenage life. It was the same for me too. Friends meant the world to me.

It was in my teenage when I first started realising the importance of friendship. If not for friends I would not have been writing this now. Teenage – a phase of life where all of us separated from our parents and started keeping secrets from them and started spending more time with our friends. I was this person who valued friendship more than anything. When I was in 8th grade we had a girl gang where we always stayed together and did everything together.

Endless waves of laughter, mocking each other, teasing each other and standing out of the classroom became a routine part of my teenage life. The school was not just about education but the major part was friends. From playing rock, paper and scissors to now being each other’s pillar of support we all grew up. We never knew we were making precious memories all that we did was live in the moment.

It was in 7th grade when I first met my best friend who’s now in Canada and till now we’ve been keeping in touch with each other even after seven years. Friendship is not just about one thing it’s a million little things. Friendship taught me many things in life. When I say many things it is not bounded to just positive things. I learnt what betrayal is, I learnt who are the people who truly wish for your goodness, I learnt there are people who are genuinely happy for your growth. Being an introvert I had a hard time making friends but I have a few who I hold the closest to my heart and each one of them is precious to me.

School days with school friends are memories that always brings a smile to one’s face because we went through different tides of life and started learning life lessons when we were in our teenage. Though some life lessons hit us very hard there were friends whose shoulder we can lean on and cry our heart out when things get hard. If not for my friends I wouldn’t have started writing in the first place. Friends were the people who encouraged me to write poems, they cheered me up when my first book was released and they’ll still cheer me up in my future endeavours. Friends were my second family to who I always went for comfort. From filling each other’s slam book to knowing what I’d write in my personal diary my friends played a crucial role in my life.

It’s said that friends are the people who influence you the most in that case it was my friends who made me realise the importance of pursuing one’s passion. I hope you all had friends who helped you through your hard times too. Leave your best experiences with your friends in the comments until then have a good time.

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