As children, we all believed in stuff that turned out to be a travesty or pseudoscience. These were sometimes misconceptions of our own or fibs that people around us fed to protect us from the naked truth. It was not an exception for me. I was also a victim of the false things which seemed to be true. So let’s jump into some of the misconceptions that I believed in when I was a child.

To start with I was a kid who loved astronomy so I was curious about the celestial bodies. The major part of my childhood was filled with me gazing at the sky. This is where the initial misconception started. I assumed that the moon and the sun loved me and started to follow me because I always look at them. So basically I believed that the sun and the moon were my first love.

As a kid I loved fairytales and here comes one of the vastly trusted misconceptions about the breaking of our milk tooth. When my milk tooth fell I put my broken tooth under my pillow so that the tooth fairy who comes every night to the kid’s home would take it with her and replace it with a new one.

Despite the gender differences, we were all die-hard fans of WWE. The fact that my cousins were the ones who made me watch it and we ended up believing whatever we saw in it. We blindly believed that all of WWE is true and the fact that Undertaker died seven times and that he came back to life every single time he died was the most iconic misconception I had as a kid.

I was a kid who took things way too seriously and would believe whatever is said. There was this witty misunderstanding that the money plant is the plant where money grows from and that if we have more money plants in our home then it means we are richer than anybody else in the world. I took this misunderstanding way too seriously and ended by buying a bunch of money plants for my home so that I can boast about how rich I am to my friends.

According to me, Aishwarya Rai was the only Miss World, and that there’s nobody else in the world who is more beautiful than her. I reckoned in this fact until when Manushi Chillar in 2017 was crowned Miss World. I hope others would accompany me in this fact.

During childhood, I was a movie-buff and I loved watching movies in theatres and also became a fan of few actors. I believed that actors sing for real and they die in real for a movie. I had no idea that lip-sync existed and I was a victim of yet another misconception.

The list of misconceptions when I was a kid would be an endless one because I had like a thousand fallacies that panned out to be a funny story when I think about it now. I hope you all related to some of the misconceptions I shared. I would like to hear more from you all so leave some of your misconceptions during your childhood in the comments. Come one let’s jump back to memory lane and laugh together about how silly we were back then. I hope you loved reading this stay tuned for the next blog and I promise that I’ll take you back to your old days yet another time.


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