Hello readers! I’m back with this week’s blog where I am going to write about all the challenges I faced and the girls of generation-z faced. So this will be quite a gender-biased one so incase if it shatters your male ego I’m sorry about that in advance. So here we go!!! Being a girl child in generation-z is a challenging one.

I don’t know where it all started but I guess it was when “Is it a boy or a girl?” The notion of which is itself we become a prisoner and the gender discrimination starts. So let me come to my story I have a dark complexion so when I was born my mom was looked down and she faced numerous challenges. As I grew up just like the other girls in the society I faced racism with which I developed an inferiority complex which has become a great concern and insecurity I still suffer from. As a girl, I don’t think we just suffer from racism we suffer from body shaming which led to not letting the fat kids participate in fancy dress competitions or even in the annual day celebrations. It starts right from the school from which the other kids develop this awful culture and continue to do the same as nobody tells them that it is wrong.

Sometimes, when people talk about justice I find myself feeling hard to find a road that leads to it. Maybe the lady with the blindfold symbolizes justice being lost and drowned in the darkness. Rape culture became more common during our generation which makes me think, what does the parents of the rapist preach to them that they turn into a monster like this. Ever heard of the word sexual abuse? I guess it’s a very common word that you would have come across. I was also a victim of sexual abuse because I ended up being in the same society where females are treated like goddesses. Being in the society where I grew up I understood the fact that deep in the roots of their mind they have made it a point that the victim is the reason why sexual abuse happens in the first place but I don’t understand what does the six-year-old kid did to endure the pain she would have gone through.

I was told not to wear short dresses as you see a boy can walk around freely wearing shorts while in the same case if a girl wears it “a thousand eyes” will be staring at her. Attire played a major role in gender discrimination. I would like to make it clear that not every male is like that but few don’t feel ashamed even after mocking a girl for her appearance or her complexion. It’s not just me but every gen-z kid was made to feel ashamed when she had her periods and that she should not talk about it to the opposite gender.

When I first started writing and got first place in an essay competition the first comment that my relatives passed was “don’t let her write or else she’ll end up disobeying us and our opinions.” Thank god my parents didn’t listen to them and were well-educated to understand the fact that the pen is mightier than the sword and hence they encouraged me to write so here I am boldly speaking of the taboos that were once told that I’m not supposed to talk about. I am a person who is very fond of riding geared vehicles when my father encouraged me to ride it people passed comments saying a girl should not be taught to ride bikes as it is only meant for the opposite gender.

So I want to finish this blog with all the ink and papers I’m left with. I want to spit/splatter all of my black ink on the face of our so-called open-minded society, asking them about those innocent lives getting crushed under the burden of societal pressure over and over again. I hope you found this blog relatable. Share the challenges you faced as a girl during this generation in the comment section. Thank you for sparing your precious time reading this stay tuned for the next blog!


  1. Damn true stuff💜

    • Thank you!

  2. Alas!You precisely told every shit i went through😞. Made my parents read this hoping for some change.
    Looking forward for more!!great work❤

    • Hoping for good things to happen! Thank you !

  3. Tears welled up in my eyes as I read this.No matter how many years passed a problem like this not yet resolved.
    What you write captivates everyone heart. Surely you will reach great heights❤️.

    • Ah, thank you so much!

  4. Tears welled up in my eyes as I read this.No matter how many years passed,a problem like this has not yet been resolved.
    What you write captivates everyone heart.Surely you will reach great heights❤️.

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